Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 – Studio Controller, 15 macro keys, trigger actions in apps and software like OBS, Twitch, ​YouTube and more, works with Mac and PC

20% off


StopTheMadness is 30% off ($6.99 US for Mac, $4.99 for iOS). It’s an excellent cross-browser extension that eliminates many web page annoyances.


Pixelmator Pro is 50% off.

It already is a bargain at its normal price, with this discount it is a no-brainer. :wink:


Over the Black Friday weekend, DEVONtechnologies sells DEVONthink, DEVONagent, and DEVONsphere for 25% off, both on their website as well as in the App Store. The promotion starts Thursday at 6 p.m. UTC and ends Tuesday at 9 a.m. UTC; the App Store follows its own schedule.

Disclaimer: I work for DEVONtechnologies. If this post is inappropriate, please delete it and let me know.


thank you @gxwilso I just bought the iOS version. Have been using the MAC version for years but for some reason forgot that an iOS version also exists.

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Apple AirTag 4 Pack

also available at $22.48 each

Crouton app is free to try and in-app purchase has dropped to $2.99 for a day.

Another groups of apps on sale:

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I bought and tested AI Image Enlarger and am very impressed with the results. It’s working even better than the Pixelmator’s ML Upscaling in many cases. A no brainer for $3

Also picked up Busycal, Mountain Duck, Air Buddy, and Anamorphic pro.

I got an email as a past subscriber to Screencastsonline that they are having a discount.


Me too!

I jumped on it.

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Michael Tsai, developer of Eagle Filer, has a list of deals on his site:

His apps, including the aforementioned Eagle Filer, are included.

Happy Shopping!


Sneaky. They don’t want to let the public know before you sign up for the free membership. I’m a subscriber and I hate to unsubscribe and resubscribe.

Thanks. I was wondering why there is no comparison for Standard Vs Pro. I’m still too poor to afford Standard but trying to scrimp yup a budget. This is why subscription gets me (lower upfront cost).

You mean like this?



The standard edition offers all features portrayed on the DEVONthink product page except those listed above.

^ I didn’t notice this except when I clicked your link on mobile. Silly me. Welp, the features I need is on the Pro. Sad trombone.

(Git) Tower is 50% off this week for Black Friday: Pricing | Tower Git Client

Note: they are subscription based, so not for everyone…

(I’m in doubt; renew or start using Fork, which I bought some time ago?)

If Fork isn’t cutting it for you somehow, you should try Sublime Merge. It’s rather… sublime.

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Thank you for the suggestion, but one of the things I like a lot about Tower is it UI; Sublime Merge is on the opposite side on that axis for me…

Lots of Indie Apps on sale for Black Friday: