Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

25% off on Flare. I have several Calmer product and I use them daily (I also wear one at night). Helps reduce distracting noise and anxiety. I’m able to survive long Team meetings because of this without my ears buzzing at the end of the day.

I’m looking at agenda, busycal, and busycontacts on bundlehunt. What other apps do people like?

Target (might be USA only?)
$100 Apple Gift Card (Email Delivery)
$15 Target GiftCard with $100 Apple gift card purchase

Damn that’s like a candystore

Software that interests me:

  • Mountain Duck
  • Airbuddy (already purchased in the past)
  • Agenda (already purchased in the past)

The rest, I don’t know. Might pick up Mountain Duck

American Express is offering 50% off of Dropbox. The offer is buried in the “Rewards & Benefits” section of the cardholder website, may not apply to all Amex cards, and doesn’t specify what Dropbox offers the discount applies to. But, with those caveats, it might be worth checking into.



Paprika is now on sale.


Is anyone using or has used Sparkle in the past? It’s a website builder for macOS, now discounted by 40%, and I’d like to have an opinion on the use of some other users.

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 – Studio Controller, 15 macro keys, trigger actions in apps and software like OBS, Twitch, ​YouTube and more, works with Mac and PC

20% off


StopTheMadness is 30% off ($6.99 US for Mac, $4.99 for iOS). It’s an excellent cross-browser extension that eliminates many web page annoyances.


Pixelmator Pro is 50% off.

It already is a bargain at its normal price, with this discount it is a no-brainer. :wink:


Over the Black Friday weekend, DEVONtechnologies sells DEVONthink, DEVONagent, and DEVONsphere for 25% off, both on their website as well as in the App Store. The promotion starts Thursday at 6 p.m. UTC and ends Tuesday at 9 a.m. UTC; the App Store follows its own schedule.

Disclaimer: I work for DEVONtechnologies. If this post is inappropriate, please delete it and let me know.


thank you @gxwilso I just bought the iOS version. Have been using the MAC version for years but for some reason forgot that an iOS version also exists.

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Apple AirTag 4 Pack

also available at $22.48 each

Crouton app is free to try and in-app purchase has dropped to $2.99 for a day.

Another groups of apps on sale:

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I bought and tested AI Image Enlarger and am very impressed with the results. It’s working even better than the Pixelmator’s ML Upscaling in many cases. A no brainer for $3

Also picked up Busycal, Mountain Duck, Air Buddy, and Anamorphic pro.

I got an email as a past subscriber to Screencastsonline that they are having a discount.


Me too!

I jumped on it.

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Michael Tsai, developer of Eagle Filer, has a list of deals on his site:

His apps, including the aforementioned Eagle Filer, are included.

Happy Shopping!


Sneaky. They don’t want to let the public know before you sign up for the free membership. I’m a subscriber and I hate to unsubscribe and resubscribe.