Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

(Git) Tower is 50% off this week for Black Friday: Pricing | Tower Git Client

Note: they are subscription based, so not for everyone…

(I’m in doubt; renew or start using Fork, which I bought some time ago?)

If Fork isn’t cutting it for you somehow, you should try Sublime Merge. It’s rather… sublime.

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Thank you for the suggestion, but one of the things I like a lot about Tower is it UI; Sublime Merge is on the opposite side on that axis for me…

Lots of Indie Apps on sale for Black Friday:


@rob, this list is great, thanks for sharing

Fantastical is 50% off again Flexibits Launches Black Friday Sale Offering 50% Off Premium Subscriptions - MacRumors

but only for new users

You can make a new account. It’s some work but that’s what I’ve been doing when my sub expired and some new deal popped up

TextSoap is on sale at StackSocial for $29 (down from $50).

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Welcome to MPU! You should ask this in a standalone thread. Folks who have used it probably won’t see this message buried in here.

Look a bit closer and you’ll see @ryanjamurphy was responding to Alberto009, a first time poster to the forum.


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Costco is selling current MacBooks Pro at $350 off list.
Makes me wonder why Apple bothered rolling out a 10% discount for small- and medium-sized businesses.

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I run across a 27 Month MS365-Family(6Users, several devices, 1TB + MS Defender) offer on Amazon, that came at 92€.
Compared with the normally asked 99€/year, it is a discount of around 60%

I received an email from Backblaze for 20% off using the Code BLAZEON22 , but not sure this can be used to extend current subscription

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Bunch of apps in here too: GitHub - mRs-/Black-Friday-Deals: Black Friday Deals for macOS / iOS Software & Books

Thanks again. I have 4 seats now, where is my table? :smiley:


Do you find value in Screencastsonline? Does it really offer a deepdive, or is comparable to an introductory session?

Take control books is having a sale. Wonder if its valuable enough to pay the $8 or so for each book

do you know what the black friday discount on screencastsonline is? they won’t show it unless you join.

@savingsomemoney anything from Allison Sheridan or Todd Olthoff are always great. Those are the screencasts where they have some excellent in depth quality with lots of information. Some from Don McAllister are good. Mostly basic. But any other authors doing the screencasts are just okay. Mike Schmitz is okay too, but I honestly feel he has a bias to the ones he demos.

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