Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Take control books is having a sale. Wonder if its valuable enough to pay the $8 or so for each book

do you know what the black friday discount on screencastsonline is? they won’t show it unless you join.

When I had it, 4-5 years ago, I found it was mostly like someone who had used the app for a week or two and then explained how the app worked. A lot of apps don’t need much more than that. Sometimes they were done by people who really knew the ins and outs, but I never found them to be comparable to say, a MacSparky guide.

I mostly used it as see demos of software I was interested in, or that I had bought and wanted a basic introduction to. I found myself using it maybe once a month so it wasn’t really worth it to me. Good service, just not for me.


@savingsomemoney anything from Allison Sheridan or Todd Olthoff are always great. Those are the screencasts where they have some excellent in depth quality with lots of information. Some from Don McAllister are good. Mostly basic. But any other authors doing the screencasts are just okay. Mike Schmitz is okay too, but I honestly feel he has a bias to the ones he demos.

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35%, or 47$ for the year

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⚡️ Eternal Storms Software Black Friday App Sale
All my apps are ~25%-35% off @YoinkApp (Mac) USD 8.99 -> USD 5.99@YoinkApp (iOS) USD 5.99 -> USD 3.99 @TransloaderApp USD 9.99 -> USD 6.99@ScreenFloatApp USD 8.99 -> USD 5.99

and more!

Enjoy 😃

— Matthias Gansrigler 🇦🇹 (@eternalstorms) November 25, 2022
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Another Black Friday list. This is for indie apps on sale.

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$15.00 in Amazon credits when you spend $100 or more on select Apple mail Gift Cards (have to enter a code found on the page at checkout)

Tunabelly software Black Friday sale

QR factory 3
50% off (lifetime license now $13.99, Mac and iPad separate but same current price )

I haven’t used QR Factory yet but it seems to offer a lot of fancy features that online QR code generators may not have (also some online QR code generators may not be reliable).


Objective Development 50% off sale:

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perfect timing on this. I upgraded from 4 for $12.50

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I don’t find Little Snitch useful for blocking browser app like Safari. Every website I go into connected to tons of other websites especially Google related ones that it’s almost impossible to determine if they are legit or not. How do you use Little Snitch in this case?

I don’t use it to block everything. There are specific apps that I do not want calling home. That is my main use for it. I can also do it with Lulu which is free but $12.50 was a great deal.

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Thank you for posting the QR Factory discount. I’ve been looking for a similar app. I’ve had to be creative with some of our QR codes. I also was able to purchase the lifetime license on the Mac and restore the purchase on the iPad without a second purchase. Seems to work well. Thank you @hpm.


I just got Grammarly for less than half price, for an annual subscription. Weirdly, it wasn’t on their homepage. I had to click on another page (the Mac app) before it made the offer.

It annoys me how useful I find Grammarly, but full price feels pricy.

I had to let my subscription expire for a few months just to be offered 40% or half-off Grammarly. But yes, it’s extremely useful.

they now have that on the homepage banner

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It looks like ProWritingAid is also having a Black Friday sale
“Premium” is
$60/year if billed yearly (subscription)
$199.50 for a lifetime payment

Good time to add some credit to your 1Password account. The $125 gift card is available for $99 and offers the best deal for renewing subscribers. I use this deal every other year to pay for my 1Password Families account.

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The Brave browser [CEO is a bigot, never mind] does this really well, if you’re open to trying another browser.
They have begun adding their own sponsored content, but it’s not too intrusive, and can easily be turned off.

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Jason Snell’s take on Apple Photos via Take Control Books vs. MacSpark Guide vs. something else?

Which one is the most exhaustive and advanced?