Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Deals

I was looking at the PDFKey, and the iPad/iPhone unlocks as well… the latter for the iPads that are locked, but for sale, on sites like and others…

I tried one last year and it failed on newer books. I got a refund. Please try and if it works tell us.

I don’t know if this is a Black Friday-related offer, but for those who still use Twitter:
Spring mini for Twitter ($ 9,99 → free)


I haven’t used Cloud Mounter either, as Mountain Duck fits my workflows (and it shares the server/cloud config files with Cyberduck, which is convenient and the main reason I stuck with it, and I also occasionally use the integrated Cryptomator support).

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iPad/iPhone unlocks

I’d be very interested to know if those work.

FWIW They have Copy and Paste Pro in the list. This is the older app from these people. They already have a new app as a from the ground rewrite in Beta. So the old app is expensive at this price.

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Thank you for the heads up on this — it’s so much better than X’s own app!

Rouge Amoeba have a 23% discount on their apps.

If you’ve had your eye on one of our products, head over to our store. Just be sure to use discount code ROGUETHURSDAY by November 30.


rouge hehehehe


Elgato announced some Black Friday deals. Some are available right away, and others are coming later this month. I just ordered an Elgato Stream Deck Pedal to complement my Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck + (I’ve almost caught up with @macsparky :wink: ).

Speaking of Stream Decks, for those of you who are Early Access or Backstage MacSparky Labs members, I recently joined David for the FOD Interview – Stream Deck With Tim Stringer.

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Free 3-Month Drafts Pro Trial


There’s a list of BF deals for Mac & iOS apps that’s being updated on github:


25% off all DEVONtechnologies products Friday through Monday:

MindMac is 50% off. I was mostly against such apps, but since I got GPT-4 access via the API, I cannot justify paying $20 for ChatGPT Plus. I don’t use it that often.

The API pricing is PAYG and works better if you don’t use it much.

Serif has 40% off all Affinity apps:

(Upgrade from v1 for all apps is now just €81!)


Here’s another GitHub list, though this one seems very AI-service-centric, and I’m not seeing any major apps on the list, but there are lots of development tools, code libraries etc. listed. Perhaps someone will find something of interest.

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Craft is offering a recurring 50% off on all plans until 4 Dec (this is technically to mark the app’s 3rd birthday but this always coincides with the BF):

Here in the UK, I just managed to buy from Amazon the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil for a mere £89 which is a steal compared to Apple’s normal prices, and just £10 over the new USB-C budget version which I’d otherwise gone for.

I am upgrading my Logitech Crayon stylus, and am really excited to find out how different it will be.

Over 200 Indie Apps on sale:


I don’t really consider it an app but if you aren’t a current subscriber to SCO, you can get 50% off.