Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Deals

Starting a thread on this year’s BF & CM deals…

Proton already has their Black Friday deals for Proton Unlimited incl. Mail, VPN and other services (33% off):

(Although this is technically less than 33% off as they are comparing this annual discount vs the regular monthly pricing and not the regular yearly pricing, but it’s still about 15%).


Not a BF deal as such (offer expires end of this week) but Working Copy (a Git client for iOS) has a discount on full unlock to celebrate 9 years in the App Store. It’s €20 for a year (I don’t remember how much it was previously though), and the unlocked features are permanent (similar to the Agenda model).

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It’s regular price was €24,99

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For people in the US, Best Buy has a 16gb, 512gb of the 15in Macbook Air in stock and discounted significantly to $1450. I think this is the cheapest Macbook you can buy from a US retailer besides Apple with 16gb of RAM. If we hadn’t just bought a new washer and dryer, I would buy this.

Apple MacBook Air 15" Laptop M2 chip 16GB Memory 512GB SSD (Latest Model) Midnight Z18U2LL/A - Best Buy

It’s €20 for a year. It’s regular price was €24,99

Anders was indeed aiming for a 25% discount:


Great app, for which, I unfortunately have no use :smiley:


Here’s last years deals for an idea of what could be coming, last year had:


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Bundlehunt BF deal is online:

Mountain Duck & Downie are the ones I can wholeheartedly recommend (especially Mountain Duck at that price); I’m not sure I’m finding anything else intriguing but perhaps others can chime in.

I was surprised to see Ebook Converter Ultimate, which claims to be “The #1 Ebook Converter and Ebook DRM Removal Software”. Caveat emptor.

Picked up Permute from the Bundlehunt.
Already had Downie.

Any feedback on JSON Wizard?
My main use case is editing Drafts Syntaxes.

I haven’t searched for it, is it trash? It was the one thing I was pondering as I never got Calibre to work with my paid kindle content.

For those already using Downie: is that more than just a GUI around tools like yt-dlp?

How does Mountain Duck compare to Cloud Mounter (also in the bundle)?

(I already have Cloud Mounter, but I’m currently not using it…)

I have Mountain Duck and like it a lot. Haven’t used Cloudmounter (at least not that I remember) but the thing I like about Mountain Duck and the ability to access the cloud file url (and more) from the services menu in Finder.

That depends on how you define those terms.

If you load up a page with hard-to-save images or videos, Downie will find the URLs and allow you to save them much more quickly than any command line tool I’ve seen.

But if you’re otherwise fine digging through source code and looking for those hard-to-find URLs, the conversion isn’t anything particularly special.

I haven’t searched for it either but wondering if @jec0047’s warning is about the app breaching the US’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act which prohibits the breaking of DRM.

Actually I was referring to both. Breaking DRM isn’t easy, partially because it’s always evolving, plus it’s illegal.

And the “both” isn’t a coincidence. The fact that breaking DRM is a questionably-legal activity means that it’s hard to build a business on it, thus much of the software for (ostensibly) doing so is poorly-written, poorly-maintained, and there’s no actual expectation that something that worked well yesterday will even work today.


There are a couple of free plug-in options for Calibre… or so I’ve heard :wink:

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