Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Deals

I am using a Mac mini connecting to a LG ultra wide (38WK95-C) and 2x Dell Ultrasharp monitors (U2412M). Every time I want to adjust brightness and contrast, I have to fiddle with the menu in the monitors.

Then, come Display Buddy
This app sits in menu bar and can adjust the brightness and contrast via a slider. Not only that, there’s keyboard shortcut to adjust brightness too. And finally, there’s profile, so I can create a profile for reading and movies.

I was skeptical whether it will work with 3rd party displays such as Dell and LG. But because of this 20% Black Friday deal and their no-question-asked refund if it didn’t work, I bit the bullet.

I am happy to share that it works as advertised! This is probably the best purchase for me this year!

Edit: bonus feature - I can create keyboard shortcut to increase brightness for ONLY 2 (of my 3) monitors, leaving one to be controlled via menu bar. And the nice thing is that the image of the brightness icon that you see in a MacBook will appear in both monitors. So, Apple-like in design!

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Lumafusion is going to cut their in app purchase for FCP export to $5 from $20

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DropDMG, EagleFiler, and SpamSieve are on sale (25% off) through Monday,

Aeon Timeline is on sale (30% off) this week:

Yubikeys are also on sale this week, buy one, get the second one at 50% off:

This is the BEST app I think I’ve ever bought. Thanks for sharing it.

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Here’s a list of deals I collected: Michael Tsai - Blog - Black Friday 2023


Ha! I came here to link to your article.
Great stuff.

BetterTouchTool is 25% off with the coupon code BTT_BLACK_FRIDAY_2023

Photomator is €10 instead of €35 for a yearly subscription covering iOS, iPadOS and the Mac. Pixelmator Pro is 50% off.

Newegg has discounts on the Quicken software. As there are 3 different versions to a search for the one you are looking for. Also use the coupon code on the item page for an additional $5 off.

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Keychron is having a sale:

A bunch of Furnace Creek Software apps are 20% off, only in the App Store: Furnace Creek Software | Offers

Zengobi Curio Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale
New traditional licenses are 35% off with the BLACKFRIDAY2023 coupon code

MPU discussion


Flexibits is offering 50% off its Premium subscription (which includes both Fantastical and Cardhop) and I finally bit the bullet on it! No coupon code required. Look for the banner at the top of the homepage.

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Things 3 has BF pricing for their apps (30% off)


If you’ve ever thought of buying Curio, this is the time - it’s a great deal


The sale kicks off on Thursday 23rd November, and the end date… is a mystery!
LumaFusion (iOS/Android/Chrome): $14.99 (normally $29.99)
Multicam Studio (iOS): $9.99 (normally $19.99)
FCPXML Export (iOS): $4.99 (normally $19.99)
Storyblocks Monthly (iOS/Android/Chrome): first 3 months at $4.99 (usual monthly price is $9.99)
Storyblocks Yearly (iOS/Android/Chrome): first year at $49.99 (usual yearly price is $69.99)

(Prices are for U.S. App Store; your local App Store prices will reflect the same discounts.)

Mellel is discounted 30%:

I’ve read the rather lengthy thread on Curio. I am tempted, but after looking at the video and reading the thread, I think it would add complexity and friction without a corresponding increase in productivity. That, of course, is only an impression. And, it doesn’t have a mobile version so that limits it useful to me. I do, however, like the pricing model.

Unclutter Apps:
Default Folder X
<7 more> – all half price


TG Pro (and several other apps from Tunnabelly) are on sale, with TG Pro being 75% off.

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