Book Dashboard and Notetaking in Obsidian

As part of our PKM group conversation yesterday, there some people who want me to document what I’m doing for a Books Dashboard.

This metadata - which I autogenerate:

Allows to generate tables of my wishlist:
![Book_Dashboard_-MarkPKM-_Obsidian_v1_0_3|690x366 (upload://q69SQpNDouvFyvZY0jdQngm8K5g.jpeg)

In Progress:


Discarded (includes the reason for stopping so I don’t repeat the mistake):

When you look at the metadata the books status and therefore which table it appears in is controlled by an emoji. That might have been a mistake, text based status might have been easier.

(Caveat Discourse is eating the dataview at the top and bottom of the code blocks).

The dataview queries that populate the tables are:

TABLE join(rows.Author, "<br>") AS Author, join(, "<br>") AS Book
FROM "Sources/BookNotes"
WHERE status = "📥"
GROUP BY Category

In Progress

TABLE Author, Category FROM "Sources/BookNotes" WHERE status = "⏳"


TABLE Author, Reason FROM "Sources/BookNotes" WHERE status = "🗑️"

I generate all of the metadata with a shortcut that relies on to query google books. As a result the shortcut only runs on iOS and iPadOS until @Alexander finishes MacOS Port. Weakness of my shortcut, if there is already a book note there it just halts and you end with a strangely named text file. In addition although it promises to take input from the sharesheet it lies. It always popups a prompt. (Irony I came coauthor a game in JavaScript: but haven’t mastered Shortcuts).

Link: Shortcuts

Someone asked for a picture of the shortcut:


I do something similar, but with a key difference: I track the status via a Kanban board, such that every item is a task. Embedding the status metadata probably makes more sense… hmm.

The main reason I keep it as a text file is so that I can easily query it from within and beyond Obsidian to grab what to read next. E.g., the Books buttons I wrote about last year…

… and via a randomized reading list I generate in each daily note:

The latter would be easy to rejig, but the former wouldn’t… I wonder if there’s a way to query Dataview indices from outside of the app and retrieve information. Hmm!


The Kanban board would be challenging for me ordered queue implies a linear reading process. Mine is more scattered. I recently discovered I would benefit from improving my email marketing game, so I’ve gone through a few books on the subject.

Who knows where my energies will go next. I think will also split my queues into: work; personal growth (ex: ADHD); fun.

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