PKM/Zettelkasten/etc self support group?

anyone looking at this from a business analyst point of view?
keeping track of multiple projects, managing stakeholders, deliverables, requirements and user stories?

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Strangely, I will post the next meetup invite in a few minutes.

I’m sticking to Obsidian for the foreseeable future. I’ve spent too many years chasing perfection. My ADHD often gets the better of me. So I’ve committed to several years in Obsidian and will only change if it fails stops working or stagnates so badly that it’s not relevant.

FWIW You mention white boarding, I assume you’re aware the Obsidian devs have started work on drawing inside the app. I’m intrigued, even if it just gives me a simple tool for concept/mindmapping on the fly I would be a happy camper.

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We’re interested in real humans. All kinds :wink:

2nd Meetup planning - Fantastical Proposal: PKM Meetup — Fantastical Proposals

Please choose as many options as you can so that we have a chance of finding something that works for everyone

It’s the week of Halloween, when I have my next sabbatical week planned.

I am using Obsidian to manage all of my AnimalTrakker™ development, track my alpha users, including emails, details of their database conversions, results of field demos, document interactions with thenm and am even archiving my slack messages from the workspace we discuss things among the various collaborators working on the code and database structures and designs.

The structure of how to sort it all out is evolving but I like having it all in one place.

I’m lurking currently but I think this is a very interesting topic of conversation.

I don’t sync my Readwise automatically with anything. I’m new to Readwise, but I don’t want things going into my PKM without my knowledge. I do manually export what I want from Readwise though and add it myself. I feel like doing it “consciously” is important. (Possibly nonsense.)

I’m very interested in this comment. I’m still not very happy with my book set-up (commented on elsewhere in this forum and @OogieM has advised me before but I’ve still not reached utopia!).

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I’m very interested in this thread and as someone who has also has a small business. At the moment, my needs fall mostly in the category of project management with a small amount of CRM (though that may change soon enough). CRM is the weakest link in my workflow.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my current setup using combinations of Obsidian, Curio, and Devonthink (and Alfred). Curio has allowed me to create custom boards that provide different high level views. I have found that having different high level visual perspectives can be powerful for work. But that’s true (or mostly true) when they really “click” with me and what I’m doing at the moment.

All that said, the visual overviews of the above-named note-taking apps are interesting.

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Our next meeting is on Thurs Nov 3 at 3pm ET. Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

After this session, I will make an effort to recruit more people and narrow the focus. I want people who’re committed to growing their notetaking; who commit to meeting [monthly|6 weeks]; who commit to running experiments and commit to sharing learning.

Ideally we would become a self driven LYT style course without the $$$ or the dogma.


I’m evolvng my system in that direction. I currently have 158 active projects. For some of these projects I have to deal with multiple folks that have a vested interest in what I am doing. My deliverables range from livestock, to germplasm, to code. My end users range form small flocks with 10 or fewer adult ewes to a big range flock with over 10,000 ewes. My collection of user use cases is most easily documented in my PKM system. My user requirements are “fluid” and so I must respond as requred as things change.

For me the PKM function is even more critical the more complex my tasks become.

I continue to be amazed at Oogie’s mad development skills.

It’s more like a bandaid and bubblegum programming skills. I get it working.

My code motto is “Ugly but Functional”

If it works and gets the job done, it’s good code. I also try to have at least one workaound for the use case I never thought of and be on hand for the first time code meets the animals. It always changes after that first exposure to the real world.

Meeting #2 Notes are in a separate thread: Readout for PKM Self Support Group

and book setup if anyone is interested is here: Book Dashboard and Notetaking in Obsidian

Is this support group still happening?

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Welcome to the gang. Sorry, it died. People kicked the tires, however no one committed.

Life (aka sheep) got in the way.

However since that I’ve moved even more of my entire system into Obsidian. It’s slowly taking over my task management from Omnifocus as well as general PKM stuff that DEVONThink used to do and added in project management as well.

Sorry I wasn’t trying to throw shade.

I think the key failures:

  • I failed to create a compelling enough purpose for the group
  • PKM is small part of most our worlds and so improving our tradecraft here is a lower priority

Or as you say, the sheep got in the way.

FWIW I think it is cool that I can say I know someone who breeds sheep.

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I’m from New Zealand. I think it’d be cool if I knew someone that didn’t breed sheep.


@Clarke_Ching I’ve never thought you’ve breed sheep. I’ve always assumed you breed rocks.

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Rocks are hard to breed. They need space and we are overrun with sheep. And hobbits.

Sheep and hobbits.

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No they aren’t we just dig them up and throw back the ones that need to grow up a bit. I live on Garvin Mesa, Rocks are our primary crop. The realy big ones ( larger than a pickp truck or that can be moved by a D-9 Cat) get their tops blasted off and we move the grave for the donkey over about 20 feet.

Some are called Trophy Rocks, and I will try to dig out my picture of my husband with his trophy rock. They are big enough to move but require heavier equipment than you have on the farm at that time.

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