Bookmark manager wanted

When you hit a certain age, you have a piece of ancient software you fell in love with, and which is no longer made.

Mine is called PowerMarks. It was a bookmarks manager for Windows that supported tagging. And here’s the great part: You could sort bookmarks by date-last-accessed. So if you had 25 bookmarks you wanted to visit regularly, but didn’t have time to visit each one every day, you could just sort by date-last-accessed and visit each one in turn as it floated to the top.

I have looked for something like it for years, and never been able to find anything.

The bookmark manager I’m looking for should also be a standalone app – not built into a browser – that runs and syncs on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. And not a web app; I’ve tried for example and it doesn’t really do the job for me.

Does anybody know anything like this? Alternately maybe it’s built into some other app. Maybe I could whip something up in Drafts, for example?

If you can find an app like this for me, you would be my hero forever.

Take a look at BookMacster. The different flavors of the product handle things a little differently, but I think you’ll find most of what you are after. I use the SynkMark version and it can be a bit fiddly, but it does what I’m after (although I’m thinking of trying BookMacster and using a single bookmark store on Dropbox).

Does Bookmacster have an iPhone and iPad version? It does not seem to, though it does seem like a good app.


Hold on, in the last few days you’ve asked about bookmark managers, Keep It! and Brave. Weren’t you the same guy who just before that started a thread about resolving not to switch apps? Are you giving yourself whiplash too? :wink:



I use “Litte Bookmark Box” but its not that great.
Recently started to use DevonThink and really like how I can save bookmarks with comments. Archive pages or save them as a .pdf.

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The idea with SynkMark/BookMacster is that it maintains a “one true copy” and syncs that with your browsers on a single mac. The built-in browser sync takes it from there and pushes the changes out to other devices. Running the app on more than one system will bring pain. Been there, done that, learned the lesson.

I have started to do that with DEVONthink funny enough. How do you add comments to a bookmark though?

I’d recommend a pinboard account, set to private. There are good clients for Mac and iOS as well as import scripts for Devonthink, Alfred workflows, etc.

Will pinboard let me sort by access time?

It had never occurred to me to look… but having done so just now, it appears that Pinboard on the web does track last clicked date, but it doesn’t make this metadata available to third party apps in its API. Neither Pinswift nor Pinner on iOS have it available. So it could do what you want if you want to use the web app.

Its tagging works fine, but you can’t filter the click history by tag as far as I can see.

Incidentally I can’t imagine Apple allowing a third party app to track your browser history, which is what would be necessary to track in the way you describe.

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+1 for Pinboard. Simple, fast, feature rich and works perfectly every time.

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If you are looking on apps like Keep It, you can use it as a bookmark manager. I use Devonthink to save my resources.

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When I add the url it has a note field to add info


I don’t see that information on Pinboard. I see date added, but not date last accessed.

Not at all. App would not have to know when the link was last accessed in Safari, just when I last clicked it. And that’s fine for my purposes.

Far as I can see, Keep It will sort by date-added but not date-accessed. DevonThink will sort by Date-accessed and might actually suit my purposes but it seems like enormous overkill for such a small task.

OTOH, I have a DTG and DT2 license and though I’m not using it why not use it for this?


If you’re logged into Pinboard there’s history link. It may not be enabled by default.

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These are the two clients I have used on iOS. Unfortunately both seem dead (no updates for months, in particular no iOS/iPadOS 13 updates).

Any other good Pinboard client for iOS?

And what about macOS?

(I tried Spillo, but that has not received any updates in 2 years either)

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I like pushpin a lot. Simplicity and great interface.

That’s the one I tried, next to Pinner. I guess I mixed up Pinswift and Pushpin…

PS: A review of some Pinboard clients: