(bump) Synology users-have any of you upgraded to DSM7 yet?

Please post your experience if you’ve upgraded to DSM 7.0

Not in a hurry to upgrade after listening to Mac Geek Gab 878, basically everything needs to be in Docker containers. Upgrading will break Plex if you don’t put it in a docker container first.

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I did, on two boxes, as it appears upgrades are not yet
available for all models. As @Mark indicates, there was
a problem with Plex, but I did it this way:

  1. Uninstall Plex DSM 6 package first
  2. Upgrade DSM to DSM 7
  3. Restart DSM after upgrade completes
  4. Install Plex and “migrate”
    No issues (so far) with any packages, none with data
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Not in a hurry too. Synology too mission critical as Backup server, Media server etc. Nice weekend project in the near future….

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Updated my DS 716+ last friday as I watched https://youtu.be/o8nfcdXeV5w

No issues so far. HyperBackup, CloudSync, Surveillance Station, Docker and many scheduled custom scripts running well.

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No problems here with a DS216se.

Use the synology for backup, and syncing a folder with BackBlaze B2. Nothing too fancy.

What was involved with migrating Plex?

Could you please explain your point of view?

Regarding the topic’s question:

I had been waiting for DSM 7 for months. Just because?! The new shiny… The UI. The speed of the UI. :wink: So, of course I updated to DSM 7 without thinking (I do not run anything fancy from third parties apart from Plex).

I am using Plex, but not very frequently, I do not share anything and I only watch stuff when being at home. I was not aware of any issues. So, when I found this thread about the mentioned issues with Plex, I checked my Plex instance. And… it did not work, I messed up my installation. Oh, well. After trying to get it working again (not very seriously, just a few half-hearted attempts, I apparently missed something even after “fixing” the issue regarding lacking permissions), I gave DS Video Station a try. DS Video Station did scan the media folders I used and I was up and running. I am impressed. So, I may just stick with DS Video Station. Why? Well, it just works and it perfectly fits my use case: to watch local media on all of my devices. No upsells. No “options” I never asked for. Love it! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I used Plex only locally and only with my local media. I never had been using anything Plex offers apart from watching local media. I am aware of the fact that Plex does a lot more than that and that DS Video Station is no replacement for Plex if you are using Plex Pass and what not. So, to be clear: if you are a Plex user, it might be a good idea not to upgrade to DSM 7 right now. Plex runs on DSM 7, but it potentially is a struggle to get it running.

@csf111 did describe how to do it correctly, but I did not read beforehand. If you already have messed up your Plex installation on your Synology, there is a fun thread over at:

Apart from Plex, I have not had any issues with DSM 7. It seems to be a very nice update.

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Given my Synology houses our extremely well-used entire home entertainment library through Plex, this upgrade isn’t anything I want to do any time in the near future. I mean, what’s in it for me? If it ain’t broke…

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I didn’t realise it had been released to be honest, so I hadn’t looked to do so. As it’s my backup device, I didn’t want to run the Beta, so I thought I’d wait until it was released.

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Hopefully more bug fixes than new bugs.
There are a lot of new features too. although I haven’t looked into them yet.
Since Plex is a problem I won’t update yet. I like to wait a few months on major upgrades like this before trying it.

I did look into the bug fixes/security stuff. My use of the box is personal, not business, so all of that stuff matters less to me. There’s nothing super critical like that whole wipe-your-drive Western Digital NAS debacle recently. From what I can tell, the security benefits are nice, but 6.x was already secure enough for my use. :man_shrugging:

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I’m sure folks thought the same about the WD drive until that happened.
WD has been around a lot longer than Synology, but they only started making”connected storage” for about 10 years.

Just because no one has reported issues like that on Synology , doesn’t mean they aren’t waiting to be found. I can only hope Synology uses companies external to them who specialize in network security to certify that their products are bulletproof.

I too use Synology for personal things only, but I have not opened up my internal network I order to share my pictures in Photostation -even with family members.

Do you ever download movies to your computer/phone /iPad? It takes me almost an hour to download a1.5 hour mp4 movie from Plex.

I’m now listening to the MGG episode. Sigh, yet another podcast to listen to :wink:
fortunately I’ve just started commuting to work again today.

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While on the whole I agree, I think there’s probably a greater chance there’s something wrong and waiting to be found in a brand new release than a battle-tested one. :slight_smile:

Not often, honestly. We almost exclusively stream through the Apple TVs in the house, or in the case of my daughter stream through to the iPad. We do sometimes download the movies for car trips and whatnot, and yes, that takes some time although I’ve never clocked it. We just make a point of downloading local copies the day before.

Seeing “DSM7” in the thread title keeps giving me some cognitive dissonance.


Bumping this thread.

Several months have passed. I haven’t upgraded to DSM 7.0.x yet.

Are there any reasons not to upgrade? Or, conversely, any reasons why an upgrade is a good thing?