Cable management suggestions?

I just ordered a sleek new minimalistic M1 iMac and I’m going to use this opportunity to clean up a disaster of a desk. What are the best cable management products out there that could help clean up a rats nest of computer accessories? (router, cable modem, network switches, etc)

Any tips appreciated!

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I have a data cabinet in my basement for any equipment that doesn’t need a direct attachment. Cable modem, Eero, switch, Mini server plus drives all out of the way.

On my desk I have a bunch of self stick cable ties to keep cables out of the way.

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Here are a couple of posts that might help.


I believe it was Katie who suggested an IKEA tray that can be attached under the desk and hold power supplies and a power strip: SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color - IKEA

Obviously, a wireless keyboard, mouse and / or trackpad are helpful but they need to be charged up.

My under-desk keyboard drawer also contains an Anker USB power supply for - iOS devices, airpods, cordless headphones, Logi mouse and keyboard.

My LG monitor is now the connection point for the wired HK soundsticks, so that’s a major cable nuiscance solved.