Can’t find Overcast Lock Screen Widgets

I see sites saying that Overcast has new widgets for the iOS 16 Lock Screen, but after having updated everything available, I still don’t see widgets. Oddly I also don’t see Carrot ones either. I’ve rebooted the iPhone 12 Pro Max and still nothing.

Any ideas? I’m on 2022.9 of Overcast.

Check for updates through the App Store, and reboot your device once more after installing the update. The reboot to get widgets bug has been around since the iOS 15 betas unfortunately.

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I just checked the App Store and 2022.9 is the current version and I see an Open button instead of Update.

I don’t think the new version w Lock Screen widgets is out yet. The last OC update was 5 days ago, and Apple wouldn’t allow the iOS 16 apps in at that point. Wait for the update and you should be good - whenever it drops.

Ok, thanks for that info. Maybe they’d been using it through Test Flight.

Change the language on your phone and then change it back to force an app cache reload. Overcast lock widgets are available on my phone. I had to do this trick to get Things, Fantastical, and Overcast widgets to appear.

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The overcast widget is out. I can see it on my iPhone.

Overcast 2022.9 is the latest release and 2022.8 is the release that contains the widgets.

As suggested by @Meatbag, changing the language apparently forces the widgets to appear. There is also a link somewhere about uninstalling the app and re-installing it.

Link to another thread with some suggestions.

Hope this helps.

Well thank you all. I changed it to French, knowing my kids could help me if I got stuck. That fix worked. Thank you.

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Now, that was a weird work-around. Changed my language and back, suddenly the missing apps that are offering widgets started showing up.

Thanks for this!


Great tip! Changing the language worked for me.