Can you create a PDF of a webpage in the way that keeps the links live

Is there a way on the iPhone or iPad to create a PDF of a webpage so that it keeps the URL links in the page live.

I do the print and reverse pinch method to create PDFs of web pages but the links are dead.

If a send it to DEVONthink as a web archive the links stay live but I am not sure how to set up DEVONthink so that it is on all my devices.

I have shared it to iAnnotate, Goodnotes and Notability w mixed success.

Have you tried using the DEVONThink app for IOS? I use it with success (but prefer most use on the desktop version).

The Shortcut “Make PDF” will do this (available from the Gallery in Shortcuts), There are a number of other alternatives as well, you mentioned DevonThink which I do not use, Evernote for instance. However, all these are in some way paid ones.

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If you use the app PDF Converter, the links are live when you send that newly created PDF to Notes.

DT doesn‘t save PDFs on iOS. I think the „make pdf“ shortcut is the same as the pinch etc. method and doesn’t preserve links. There are webservices that work, but it’s kind of inconvenient to go to Safari for this.
I‘ll look into PDF Converter!

I downloaded PDF Converter, but when trying to convert a web page, it gets stuck:

Okay, PDF Converter works now (I think my problem was due to a bad internet connection) BUT the links aren’t live in these PDFs either, so it’s of no use for me. That were unnecessary 8€ spent. Maybe I’ll need it to make a PDF out of a docx or whatever some day.

But the pdf that you save does not maintain the links that were in the webpage.

When you are on a Mac and then do a print of a web page to PDFpen Pro the links are maintained. You can open the PDF and click on a link and it will take you back to the web.

DEVONthink 3 can save a webpage as a PDF and the links remain live.

DT on iOS? I didn‘t know there was a 3!

It’s in (an apparently solid) beta, starting at $99, with upgrade pricing starting at $49 for existing users.

That‘s great news, but it‘s DT for Mac, right?

Yes, it’s for Mac. They’ve said iOS is on a different development cycle.

Because this thread is about creating PDFs on iOS.
But I‘m interested in this DT update as well. (DT for Mac can create PDFs already, of course.)

I found this app Instaweb that can preserve links when converting a webpage to PDF. It can also handles longer webpages for which Safari Markup would just truncate.

Does make PDF keep the links live?