Can't Believe I'm Saying this but back to OmniFocus? It’s David’s Fault. :-)

I knew it was a mistake to buy @MacSparky’s field guide on OmniFocus. :slight_smile: As many of you know, David’s guides are excellent. After getting through half of the guide, I started moving back to OmniFocus from Things and even ended up spending over $70 for the updated Mac Pro version (notwithstanding my 30 day trial using iPad only, to which I’m still being faithful).

I like Things, a lot! But, I miss the forecast and review features of OF. More importantly, I’d never used perspectives when using OF in the past but David’s guide gave me a new perspective :slight_smile: and appreciation for the power of this feature. So, I’m moving back to OF, which I’d used for 5 years prior to moving to Things. Moving from app to app is not productive so for good or bad, I’m staying with OF.

Based on various posts on this forum, I’m not the only one who has switched apps only to switch back. This syndrome needs a name! Any ideas? :slight_smile:


Kourosh Dini’s course and books did it to/for me.
I’m back after a few years of trying various analog and digital solutions. This time around, I’m not putting so much work into my system itself, but adding things only as I see a real need. Also heeding Dini’s advice, of course.


Task Manager Indecisiveness or TMI.

“If you use more than three different task management systems in a single year, consult a physician.”


When you need a task manager to manage all of your task managers :smile:


I prefer to think about it as an abundance of riches. There are just a lot of great options.


I think we need a little more granularity on the time. “A year” is just too coarse :slight_smile:

OmniFocus has helped me develop in my career. I’ve been able to manage more and more projects while not missing a beat in any of them.

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I switched over to Things earlier this year after a long run with OF. My system is still working great and I have no plans to change to anything else. My use case for task management may be a lot less intense than others on this forum, so I get the need for more powerful task automation, perspectives, etc. Things just clicks with me, and while hard to quantify, I feel less stressed about the things I have to do. Spending two or three minutes every morning prioritizing and ordering my day in Things seems to ground me and set me up for success.

I think the key for me was picking the tool with the right blend of power and simplicity for my life and then sticking with it.