Charger with multiple USB-C ports

As I sit here anxiously awaiting my iPhone Xs, it occurs to me that this will be my first iPhone with the ability to charge faster over USB-C. I’ve got some USB-C chargers and lightning cables that I use with my 12.9" iPad Pro, but none of them have more than one power port. Neither do any of The Wirecutter’s reccommendations. Some quick googling and Amazon searches don’t turn up anything either. Does such a thing exist, or do I have to choose between carrying two power bricks or charging one of my devices at USB-A speeds?

IIRC there is an expense to do this with significant technical difficulty, but there are several such hubs in the $50-$150 range detailed in this Reddit thread.

To be clear, I’m looking for a charger (aka power brick), not a hub.

I’m sure a multiport USB-C charger will appear soon, but in the interim, you could get some USB-A to USB-C charging cables and use a multiport USB-A charger, assuming you own one.

@ChrisUpchurch did you find the brick you were looking for? I am looking for a brick with at least dual USB-C charging ports + (nice to have) a couple of the legacy USB ports.

I ran across this one from Aukey:

I haven’t bought one yet, in part because it’s only 18 watts for each of the two ports, which is fine for the phone but a bit slow for the iPad.

Satechi has a dual USB C port hub (with 2 USB As too) which I have and really like:


@RosemaryOrchard that’s a good recommendation - it is the four port configuration I was looking for.

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Follow-up tip: when you use a dual charger (I bought the Satechi that @RosemaryOrchard recommended) be sure to mark the end-points of the USB cables so you know which cable is on the 60W port and which is on the 18W port. I use a colored cable tie to mark the 18W cable. If you mistakenly grab the wrong wattage for your MacBook you’ll slowly watch the battery draining away since the 18W feed can’t support the device in most usage situations.