Choosing a Mail server

I’m looking for a mail provider. I have a new domain that I’m going to start using. My webhost provider is Dreamhost. I could simply use their mail servers. For another domain I have, I have used G Suite forever.

The one big thing that I need to consider it this. I currently have an email newsletter via Mailchimp. The email I use for that is setup on G Suite. But when this new email is setup, I will change the Mailchimp sender to this new email.

I’m not sure if there are better or worse providers as far as recipients getting my newsletter caught in their spam box. Not sure if that is a mailchimp or my provider issue. Or is it a domain thing? (Anyone know?)

I will probably setup multiple email addresses under this new domain. Although I could spend some money, I can’t go crazy right now with costs. (I know that is relative.)



Should not matter if you are using mailchimp… as far as providers go I like Fastmail for just mail. If not G-Suite or even the Exchange only Office 365 plan are both really good. Just go with a company that does e-mail. Domain providers that do email as side biz always scare me a bit as it is not what they care about.

Fastmail is $5 a month as is Office365. G-Suite is $6 now.

*Fastmail is the best provider if you use default Mail app on iOS/Mac FWIW.


That’s up to MailChimp to sort out - so your choice of email provider won’t affect that :slight_smile:


And their web client is so good that I don’t even use a native App on macOS…

Well, that’s (a bit of) a lie; I do use this:

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Best service, complete privacy:


I really want to use protonmail. But, their mobile app is painful to look at. And I feel like most people have gmail so your emails get decrypted in to google’s servers anyways

So I set up a new account (not using my domain) on fastmail. I’ve tried to set it up on my Mac using Airmail and Apple Mail. No luck. It won’t connect to the server properly. I’ve tried it multiple times re-entering all my info.

I will give it another try tomorrow but this is completely aggravating. The purpose to run a trial is to make sure I’m comfortable with it and I can’t even get it to access the account in two different email programs. I have no interest in using a web interface as I want to get my emails using the same client as my other email addresses.

You need to setup a one time password for clients!

I did do that. But for kicks, I tried both the one-time password and my regular password when things weren’t working.

Was it a trial? (not paid). If so I think you need to verify a phone number or pay for it to work. I had that issue the first I set it up. Otherwise :man_shrugging:

Yes, when I was using the Fastmail app on my phone the first time, it asked for a phone number so I put that in. I was able to send reply to an email I had sent myself within the Fastmail app.

When I came back to my Mac and looked at the settings in the web interface, my number was there. So all that is working.

Perhaps this has already been tried but here is the support page for setting up clients.

Also, I’d recommend contacting Fastmail support for assistance. They should be able to figure something out we are missing.

Setup during my trial went smoothly before I upgraded to a paid plan and migrated my domain but that was a while ago and the processes may have changed since then.

I started with Gmail in the beginning and still use it. It’s reliable, has a great spam filter, and rules I can customize.

And since there’s a copy of everything I’ve ever sent or received on the other guy’s server, IMO, every major email provider is pretty much the same :smile:

Thanks. I looked at that page. The one thing that really turned me off was this statement at the bottom: “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer technical assistance with other clients; please contact the vendor directly.” I know why they say that but their alleged great support doesn’t really match with that statement. But maybe I’ll take a simple screenshot and see if they’ll help.

Exactly. The benefits of Protonmail (it’s security) are kind of pointless unless the people you’re talking to are equally as secure. And it’s UI leaves a lot to be desired.


I agree their app looks a bit “old”. But it is updated very regularly and getting better.
But I mainly us their bridge solution for the mac, and use the regular email app there.

I really like the way I can use security features like SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc. to protect my email, and for my needs Protonmail gives me plenty of bang for my buck

About google: I do not understand the comment. No encrypted email that I send via protonmail can ever be decripted by Google. If I send a normal email the transport is secure, but email is readable by any email server, that has nothing to do with google.

Watching this thread with interest. I’m a current Gmail user, but looking to extricate myself from Google completely:

  • Apple’s own Mail server ( email addresses):
    • Pro: Free
    • Con: Server-side features are very limited (limited filters, etc).
  • ProtonMail, FastMail
    • Pro: Better server-side features
    • Con: Not free

I use Protonmail as well, since it runs in Mailmate :slight_smile: Not sure about it being friendly with Mailchimp, though (especially in case of large newsletters).

As far as email provider goes, I agree with others about using FastMail. They are the best, most reliable and most secure overall service at a price that is about the same as one Latte a month. Well worth the money.

However your newsletter getting caught up in spam filters and so on isn’t so much of an issue on your end. Many email clients use filters that separate newsletters to a separate section that the recipient may not get around to checking or they just filter them straight to junk mail.

You should probably advise your email list recipients that if they are not receiving your newsletter and they wish to, to go in to their spam filter setting and white list your email address so the emails are received rather that being filtered out.

Also, if they use a client that prioritizes their inbox, remind them to check the newsletter section to find your emails.

If you are willing to pay I would also look at Office365 Exchange from Microsoft. If you want features, it’s kind of hard to find more and it’s getting enterprise e-mail product. It’s not using your data at all, and it includes a ton of store through One Drive for Business if you want to use it.

Fastmail is great as well as I pointed out above. Difference will be how you want to use it.