Clarify App replacement

I’m looking for an app to replace Clarify. This was a niche app halfway in-between a screen capture tool and a screen recording tool. It was more than a screen capture utility because it allowed for mark up of the images, inclusion of text instructions, etc. It produced nice documents which could be used for teaching, training, etc. Any ideas of a good replacement available on macOS?


I second this. I’ve used Clarify as well in the past and found it quite useful.

Same here. I don’t use Clarify that often, but when I do it saves me a ton of time. It’s a great tool for creating documentation. I’ll keep using it as long as the app keeps working, but the writing is clearly on the wall at this point.

I too would love to hear anyone’s ideas on potential replacements.

Hi All

Did anyone find a good inexpensive replacement for Clarify-it. Just keeps crashing these days and whilst it pains me to say, I need to find an alternative

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CleanShot is included with a SetApp subscription. I am not sure if it has the same features as Clarify.

Not installable software, but see if these are of any interest:

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