Clarify App replacement

I’m looking for an app to replace Clarify. This was a niche app halfway in-between a screen capture tool and a screen recording tool. It was more than a screen capture utility because it allowed for mark up of the images, inclusion of text instructions, etc. It produced nice documents which could be used for teaching, training, etc. Any ideas of a good replacement available on macOS?


I second this. I’ve used Clarify as well in the past and found it quite useful.

Same here. I don’t use Clarify that often, but when I do it saves me a ton of time. It’s a great tool for creating documentation. I’ll keep using it as long as the app keeps working, but the writing is clearly on the wall at this point.

I too would love to hear anyone’s ideas on potential replacements.

Hi All

Did anyone find a good inexpensive replacement for Clarify-it. Just keeps crashing these days and whilst it pains me to say, I need to find an alternative

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CleanShot is included with a SetApp subscription. I am not sure if it has the same features as Clarify.

Not installable software, but see if these are of any interest:

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Just as a headsup, Clarify’s last version, 2.0.11 is only 32 bit. I still use this quite a lot and have tons of documents I am going to lose the ability to update. I did not realise this until I did the 32 bit audit of my machine. This probably means I will need to virtualise Mojave on Parallels as I don’t believe there is any other app which can import these files and take them forward. Anyone know?

I know we discussed this before, but there’s still no direct replacement for Clarify.

There is a 64-bit beta version of Clarify, 2.0.12. Do not click the blue buttons, there is a link for the beta underneath.


This is fantastic news, saved me a lot of time trying to do the virtualisation! Hope this continues to work for many years to come!

Thank you @nlott!

I was hopelessly looking for a Clarify replacement and was happy to see that Snagit 2020 now added some templated workflows for doing step by step instructions.

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I’ve used it and it’s limited compared to Clarify. It’s better than nothing and since I own Snagit, it works. Kinda weird there a software solution replacement for Clarify

I was again today looking for a replacement for Clarify but haven’t found anything worthwhile. I want a document based way of crafting these training materials so that it’s not just a litter of images in one bucket.

Well, surprise but Evernote actually works pretty well for this. :blush: Especially when you use it along with a screenshot tool like Skitch or CleanShot (Setapp).

It allows you to keep all images within a single document. You can resize the images. You can modify the text in almost any way. You can also annotate any image you drop into an Evernote document by right-clicking on it. Lastly you can publicly share the document easily as well.

Anyway, I really loved Clarify and still miss it but Evernote is filling the gap well for me so far.

Clarify links to a procedure to import Clarify to ScreenSteps.

Also, Word (urp) and other documents.

For me ScreenSteps is just too expensive. I don’t do this enough to warrant a $149/mo subscription. Thanks for the help docs though. :blush:

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Ack! I couldn’t find the price - which is usually a bad sign.

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I’m pretty sure there was a episode with someone from Higher education talking about an adobe product they used for step by step documentation. I can’t find it when I search. I’m desperately trying to find a replacement or something better than clarify. I wish I could afford Dozuki or if they made a personal version.

I replaced Clarify with Clarify… :frowning:

I have not found anything that comes close to what Clarify had to offer - at least in a feasible price range. Given that they released a 64 Bit version last year, I will keep using Clarify until it “breaks”…


Hey everyone. I’m very sorry for the self promotion, but I’m currently developing a replacement app for Clarify. If anyone is interested, you can the homepage for it here - . If you are interested in it, just sign up for a beta test and I will send you a download link.


CleanShot X is a really cool screenshot app! The latest major update (v3.0) provides over 50 changes. The app meets all the needs I have so far for a screenshot app: beautiful interface, my favorite pin screenshot, scrolling capture, powerful annotation, and even you can upload screenshot to the cloud and share a link.

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