Cloud storage / compute cost for AU

As inspired by this discussion, I try to compare the storage / storage+compute cost (based on managed nextcloud service) for Australia where I am based, hence subject to 10% GST cost

The calculation is partly based on ARQ cost but modified for Australia consumption

Based on my calculation, Google Drive seems to be the cheapest storage only solution.

My request for seasoned users here to review -

  1. is Google Drive storage via ARQ backup a solid option
  2. can I run my owned hosted nextcloud (say on a linux box or Mac or NAS) be backed up via ARQ
  3. if #2 cannot be done, then I guess my next best option is to run owned hosted nextcloud on my Synology NAS DS918+ and backup via their C2 storage? This may come with the added advantage that I can reduce my iCloud storage from 2T to 250G to save more by removing all my Apple photos to Synology photos

welcome any other suggestions, comments, etc

I’ve run Nextcloud on a raspberry pi, DS918+ in a docker container, and on a 2012 Mac mini running Ubuntu 22.04. The Mac mini’s performance is best.
This might be a good candidate for your NUC.
It’s fairly easy to set up if you’ve dabbled in Linux. If you’re running on your own network, you’ll want to use http:// addresses in the clients (specified explicitly), rather than its default https, unless you can deal with the certificate shenanigans.

Not sure about your backup situation.
Borgbackup might be a good candidate, as it supports several services as well as local backups.
You’re probably aware that Arq is Mac and Windows only.

I just use Nextcloud to sync, and haven’t created any notes, tasks, etc. so I just rely on Backblaze backing up my ~/Nextcloud folder where documents, etc. live.

thanks @JohnAtl , I always value your comments and suggestions,

you are right that I am running into network binding issue on my Debian setup on the NUC. I need to look into how to fix this before I can get my nextcloud session running, This is all new to me and I am enjoying the experience and learned heaps along the way

docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint angry_elion (35f0959c8459e489d52497233264c95b9a132252c615a77d65e244e9ca7a4926): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use.

Not sure how you’re getting to that point, but you can assign an “outside” port to the docker container so that when you connect to, say,, it connects to port 80 inside the container.

docker run -d -p 8080:80 nextcloud

From here

If you’re setting it up on a Synology in a docker, it’s in the container settings (this is my SSH server):

What is NUC?

Does this mean your nextcloud service is available when you’re not outside of your LAN?

Do you use Nextcloud as your sync and cloud storage so then you keep a local copy of everything on your computer? Then use Borg to backup from the pi/synology/mac(ubuntu) or do you also use Borg to backup from your mac?

This post is timely because I’m thinking of using something like Syncthing/resilio or NextCloud.

this is basically Intel architecture. In my case , it is a Zotac box with an old Intel i7 3537U processor

My intention is to set up a self hosted nextcloud for family files, photos sharing and reduce load/cost on iCloud , google drive, Apple photos , Google photos, dropbox as these subscriptions all cost me $$

Once I have the nextcloud sharing working, I need to find some ways to back up remotely to cloud via ARQ, Borgbackup or Synology C2 sync, etc

Hope this makes sense

You can use Tailscale to connect to your home network without exposing your system to the internet. It’s free for personal use.

I just disovered Pcloud , they are having a lifetime 2T family share for USD 499 ,

anyone have any experience on Pcloud, any reliabilty issue or limitation of features?

it seems that arqbackup does not support that, not sure I can get borgbackup to work with it

If you’re looking at Linux backup options, there’s also Rclone. It’s also Mac and Windows but I believe was initially designed for Linux.

This supports pCloud according to the providers table here, though I’d be wary of providers that charge a single life time fee, as that doesn’t seem that sustainable to me. It that’s a personal preference.

OneDrive appears to be missing from your list - if you use/pay for Office already, that might be worth considering as you get 1TB per account.

If you go the Synology route, the C2 backup works well from what I can see, though I’m on the 300GB plan and they trim out the older versions of files, so my two main offsite backups are the C2 storage, and an SSD kept in the office I backup to every day when I’m in work using SFTP. I’ve also a second Synology being used offsite that I have Hyper Backup back up to, but I consider that a nice to have, not a requirement.

great. I’ll look into this

agree, it is not a small investment, hence I am checking anyone on this forum for their experience on using PCloud

yes, I do not use any MS services, hence not considering this for now

yes, I am seriously considering this option too

thanks you so much for sharing your experience

thanks again, the comments on that post seems encouraging

I’ve had a 2TB pCloud lifetime license for over 4 years and it’s been good.

My question always is, “Whose lifetime?”


I think it’s for the lifetime of the Lifetime Plan. It’s for however long the company provides a plan called the Lifetime Plan.

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Lifetime Office365 and 5TiB storage, $89.

I don’t know anything about them, so cavete ab omnibus.