… oh no not another note app

I had forgotten that I signed up for the beta and received the email through yesterday… anyone had a play with this?

I am excited by this… but is it just the shiny new toy feeling?


Got an invite for the beta a couple of weeks ago, and I really should experiment with it some more. Random thoughts:

  • Seems functional, and seems to do a lot of what someone might look for from an app like this.
  • Thinking further about what that means… it doesn’t feel like a hardcore academic research personal knowledge management app, but it does feel like a functional note-taking app with a few nice touches that might make it appealing to someone who’s perhaps heard the hype about Roam or Obsidian but doesn’t have the time or inclination to climb the learning curve on either of those.
  • Thinking about other apps that might fit in this space… I think Mem’s similarly uncomplicated but perhaps more powerful?
  • I’m so used to wiki-links being visible, syntax and all, that I’m not yet sure how I feel when that syntax is tidied away behind an icon…
  • The frames document type offers some interesting possibilities, though I’m not sure whether I’d use it—I mean, I like the possibility of being able to generate diagrams or sketch-notes in the same app, but as it currently stands I’d probably just default to one of the apps I already use for those purposes.
  • Having said that, Clover certainly wins points for having a very functional iOS app out of the gate, and tools in frames, however basic they might be, seem to work really well.

Nothing rigorous, not sure if any of that is helpful. It’d be interesting to have a further sense of your perspective. What makes it so exciting for you, and what would it replace (or what space would it fill) in your workflow? The discovery-----»invite process is sometimes such that, by the time I get the invite, I forget what it was that grabbed my attention in the first place…

As with so many of these new tools, I’ll keep an eye on future development. Hope it finds a solid audience.

Testing this one out just because it’s the same team that worked on Macaw.

I agree with whit this assessment.

What I like Clover app team would develop further is the Surface function. It’s built for designers that are looking for ways to consolidated ideas and brainstorming. Notes would be useful as reference for design decisions added on the Surface.

I just find this one pricey even with early bird pricing due to being a beta.

Looks like you don’t need to sign up anymore. Available for all with pricing.

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