coconutBattery or FruitJuice or other?

Just wondered if any of you have any experience with coconutBattery or FruitJuice. I have been using the free version of cB and I am happy with what it does and was considering purchasing the plus version. I then came across FruitJuice and the ‘recommendation’ feature seems interesting. They are the same price but looking at FruitJuice I am not sure how often it is updated. Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated. And possibly, have I missed a similar app that is even better?

If you’re using either of them to observe your battery, that’s fine.
Using them to cycle (discharge, then recharge) the battery is not advisable, and not needed on modern batteries.

A few posts here:


I have used both apps and I just enjoy periodically seeing my “battery health” relative to when it was new. However, on a recent episode of the Mac Geek Gab podcast, the claim was made that they are not needed with modern macs to maintain battery health. I will probably keep using them but good to know I don’t have to follow their recommendations excessively.

They’re not needed anymore. Besides, they’re eating up valuable memory and processor cycles, even though it’s very, very litlle (every bit counts :wink: ).

Thanks @vco1 @Doc5506 @Wolfie @JohnAtl gonna go with the consensus and not buy either. I may leave cB installed just to have the more detailed menubar dropdown rather than the standard battery. I am glad I asked. :+1:

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