Compare Safari Ventura with Chromium-based browsers

I have used Edge for quite awhile. However, when I installed Ventura I wanted to try Safari and I really wanted to like it because of the positive talk that was cropping up. I tried it for about a week, but just couldn’t see enough there to bring me over to it for good. I think maybe the large variety of extensions available for chromium (and ones I use daily) had a lot to do with it, even though Apple has significantly increased its selection. I also think that it might be that I am so used to Edge that it makes it hard to switch.

Am I alone in this assessment? Any comments on making the switch?


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Several months ago I started using Edge because I was having problems with Safari on some websites. The experience has been so good I have no reason to return to Safari. I’m a 1Password user so I don’t use Keychain and an iPad Pro is my primary computer so I don’t miss Apple Pay.

Chrome and Edge together have 75% of desktop browser marketshare. Safari has 9.4%. On mobile, however, Safari has 25% and even more on tablets thanks to the iPad.

Edge on Mac and Safari on mobile works for me. IMO you should use the browser(s) that work best for you.

Browser Market Share Worldwide | Statcounter Global Stats

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It took some digging through all the settings but I’m not having any of the problems you mentioned. The only thing I wasn’t able to get rid of was the MS logo on the home page.


Edge is great as long as you’re good with sending Microsoft all your browsing data.

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I’m not having any of these problems either.

I love Safari and it works perfect for me!

However, I am curious in what kind of plugins you miss? Maybe there is something I also need, but not know as of yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use Safari on Mac (Ventura), iPhone, and iPad because it’s the best integrated into the Apple ecosystem. I’ve had few if any issues with compatibility, and it has the extensions I want.

I used Chrome exclusively until a few months ago, and the one thing I miss is the speed. In daily use Chrome felt faster, especially in page loading time.

MS can’t learn anything that isn’t already known by my ISP, Amazon, Master Card, Netflix, Apple, Google, every loyalty card I’ve every used, etc.

I’ve managed networks and run background checks on employees. I have no illusions of privacy. :slightly_frowning_face:


That annoyed me too, so I installed this extension:
Blank New Tab - Microsoft Edge Addons

I encounter daily papercuts while using Safari, with Tab Groups, performance, and stability.

Safari is still my primary browser for most things besides web dev. I’ve noticed Chromium-based browsers have a slight stutter when scrolling through pages, and Safari is buttery smooth.

Edge was great when it first came out, but MS has slowly been filling it with new junk on every release. Sidebars are the new toolbars, there’s popups for new garbage I don’t care about, and there’s a bug where clicking the window to refocus the browser doesn’t focus the viewport, so I have to click the titlebar.

I had hope for Vivaldi, as a fan of Opera when the rendering engine was Presto, but the UI is laggy, and the window gets cut off when I switch from external monitor to laptop screen.

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I use Vivaldi for work and I’m pleased with it.

I previously used Chrome but it slowed my machine down and created annoying memory problems.

My iMac is a 2017 model but I have none of these issues with Vivaldi.

I like the UI and, like many other folk here, I enjoy trying something new.

I am a devout Firefox user. uBlock Origin with all of my custom scripts make the web a much more tolerable experience.

Safari should be fine for most users.

But any browser in which Vimium C doesn’t work fully is a no-go for me.

After using Safari for a while, I am back to Chrome.

I have been having a few problems with safari recently. It just stops responding at times, and some of the extensions just don’t work, or don’t even appear in the taskbar.

Edge is proving to be great, You can turn off all the fluff if you need - mine goes to a completely different start page to the horrible Microsoft one. I love the fact that tab groups actually work. I like the implementation of the sidebar app - they sort of take up half a page. A quick look at them and pop it away - great for productivity. I also love the vertical tabs.

More recently I got on the beta testing for Arc That is quite a different take on the browser. It still feels a bit “beta” and takes some getting used to, but I am enjoying it.

I feel like Safari is lagging at the moment, and it is drifting a little. It has seen no real user-facing innovation for a while; for example, Orion built on the same platform allows some Firefox and Chrome extensions.

I do wonder if they have become a bit lazy with some of their applications - perhaps that is for the Contrary Opinions thread Here

Has Apple become lazy with their applications? I don’t know. Historically, most of the company’s applications have merely been “good enough for most people.” It’s unusual for them to be best at anything in application development.

I use Safari most of the time, and Firefox on sites that don’t like Safari. Safari is good enough.

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Or is it just that Google Chrome has grabbed the ball and run with their ideas for a new application-enabled web, with past web browser standards and compatibility be damned?


And Chrome and Safari together have 73,5% of desktop browser marketshare!
So what is the value of that Statement?!

The new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is built on the same underlying technology as Google Chrome.

At least Safari gives us an alternate implementation. Why should we simply hand the rest of the web to Google?

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I wasn’t really referring to the application enabled standards and compatibility. I was trying to be careful about the way I described it - I was referring to the user side rather than the web standards. It is also why I mentioned Orion - a webkit based browser. Edge’s little innovative quality of life tweaks are really useful - I don’t believe any of those I have mentioned are breaking any web standards. They are just making it easy for me to be productive in a browser.

I get that completely. I understand that Apple has a new mass audience, but I am not sure being adequate is the experience they should be looking for.

I don’t agree it was/is always the case. Aperture was I believe one of the best applications in its class. We were left with photos. Logic and Final Cut are still go-to applications for many professionals. Keynote in its day was far far ahead of Powerpoint. It still renders better but when compared to some of the new presentation software around it is really showing its age. For a great experience just go and try to build a quick presentation in Here.

Iwork was amazing when launched, iDVD was wonderful. Itunes a revelation. When I started using a Mac in c 2003 I was blown away by the quality of their everyday software - now, for me at least, that is now longer the case. With the exception of some of their pro software the rest leaves me underwhelmed, most of it feels at least 5 to 10 years old. Of course YMMV.

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I may be the only Firefox user left.

I try Safari every now and then and like it a lot. My problem is that I won’t use a browser without uBlock origin and won’t use Chrome. That’s the reason why i end up back at Firefox every time.

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