Complications vs Simplicity

Good morning MPU! Question of the day on my mind this morning.

Have you ever felt that we get so caught up in certain workflows (i.e making them perfect) or software that it gets almost convoluted and prevents us from moving forward?

Examples for me…

  • Omnifocus - Earlier last year I was caught up in how to properly get everything tagged, named, best perspective, etc. Countless blogs, workflows, etc. In the end, I said I am going to do what works for me and adjust accordingly.

  • Writing - Last year, I was in between Drafts, Byword, iA Writer, Ulysses and then later jumped on the Bear wagon for a bit. Until I decided how I write, why, and for whom.

  • Podcast setup - This one has been since June of this past summer. Caught up with what’s the best setup, best mics, etc. Read countless reviews. Ended up investing in Zoom H6, Shure SM58s so I can do recording when I am out on the road.
    – Just got a Rode PSA1 Boom Arm, debating of just using one of my Shure SM58s or buying another mic.
    – Also debating since it’s at my desk, should I just into my Zoom (use as an interface to mac) or buy something like the FocusRite or Tascam for a USB audio interface.

More stories to tell, but would love to hear from the community.

For sure. It even has a name:

Shoutout to the Systems vs Apps thread, too:

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Work on being a satisficer - find products and workflows that are robust enough, without being everything you need. Your needs will change over time, and products will too, so it’s all a moving target.