Computer energy consumption

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Like a Firehouse sub - toasty.

There’s a Dell T320 responsible for some of this, about 130W. The iMac Pro is running about 180W at the moment without much going on.

Actually, this is interesting (well, maybe). It shows me when my iMac is crashing due to a VMware bug.

Interesting. Is there specific reason behind the interest in Xeon processors? Do you run intensive processing on them?

The 180W figure seems high to me for “without much going on.” My iMac Pro (base model) typically draws about 80W unless I’m doing extended rendering.

Yeah, I analyze neuroimaging data (EEG, fMRI), etc. and would rather do this locally, rather than have the overhead of using a remote cluster. (Which in this case isn’t much faster than my iMac Pro.)

Yeah, not sure. As @mina chides me about, mine has always been a space heater.
Could be backups running. Sometime when I don’t have much to do …

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Is that Total Power, or just the CPU?

Oh! This is the kind of stuff that makes me love and respect technology. That’s real serious business.


That’s total power. Mine doesn’t work well as a space heater.

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