Connect eero directly to ONT?

I have gigabit internet service via fiber provided by my local power company. I currently use their Calix Gigaspire router but am getting ready to switch to using 3 eero 6 pros. I don’t see anything in the Calix Gigaspire’s settings that show a bridge mode. In general, can you connect an eero directly to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

I have a similar question too. Teeing to find out can you use Eero direct with Verizon FIOS ONT

I’m with Telus in Canada and have my Eero connected directly to the ONT. The “external” interface on my Eero has a public IPv4 address in a /22 network, so unless the ONT is routing and Telus has allocated an enormous amount of address space to me, it’s most definitley in bridge mode.

So did you just disconnect their router, connect the eero and all was fine?

Their router is still in the box :slight_smile: The installer was fantastic and a fellow network geek, so I told him I just wanted network transit and nothing else and he understood. He didn’t have to do anything special to the ONT so I guess the default configuration for it is to act as a bridge. The Eero takes on the role of router.

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I have been on GoNetspeed for nearly a year. My eero is directly connected to the ONT.

I did have an issue initially because I have a dedicated IP address, which is an add on for GoNetspeed which otherwise uses a NAT setup with dynamically allocated internal IP addresses. There was some confusion in figuring out the correct way to enter the internal and external IP addresses in the eero setup due to consuming and conflicting terminology between GNS and eero. Eero tech support was useless. The GNS tech didn’t have much more knowledge (i got the impression they weren’t very used to customers buying dedicated IP addresses) but did stick with me in the telephone to trouble shoot and get everything up and running.

No issues since the initial setup.

Thanks @ACautionaryTale and @nlippman. I’ll try this on Monday after the grandkids leave so I don’t knock them off of their Minecraft, etc… Hopefully I won’t have to contact my ISP support people. I’ll report back.


In my search I found this. It may help you.

I was able to connect my eero 6 Pro directly into the ONT and it worked as expected. No further configuration was needed. My other two eeros are plugged into ethernet jacks. Thanks for your responses.