Connecting Apple Reminder to Obsidian

Has anyone connected Apple Reminders to Obsidian? There is a plugin, I followed word by word by still cannot get it to work. I guess my poor understanding and skill of YAML Front Matter code does not help

Mind sharing the code block you’re using? Looks like the plugin author used apostrophes instead of backticks.

I got it working, it takes about a minute to load, longer for lists with a lot of reminders in them (like the main Reminders list). There’s also a bug where the plugin won’t load a list if it is in a group.

I played around with this plugin a bit last week.

I love the concept. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with smart lists.

Last week I was able to get it working with other lists, but I uninstalled it because of the smart list issue.

Today I tried re-installing it, and I can’t get it to work with any list at all.

Edited to add: Quitting and restarting Obsidian got it to work with some lists. But still not with smart lists, and not with lists in groups (as @lkhrs noted).

So I’m out of luck, at least for now — I use smart lists and groups extensively, so I have very few lists the plugin will work with.

You say you followed word for word, so I doubt this is your issue, but just in case: I blitzed through things a little too quickly when experimenting this morning, and I forgot to enable the plugin in Obsidian’s settings. Oops.

I literally copied the 3 lines from the web page and addedd the dashes for YAML Front Matter, again, I do not know what I am doing

list: List Name

I have even changed list: List Name to list: List Reminders and still nothing. I think there is something basic that I missed

mine is definitely enabled, I even has an option but do not know how to set it

You need to use backticks ` instead of apostrophes/quotes, and don’t wrap it with the triple dashes used for YAML Front Matter.

list: List Name

On the last line, remove the backslash \. I imagine the plugin author encountered the same difficulty escaping the markdown syntax in the GitHub readme as I do on this forum.

Also, add a new line after the last triple-backtick sequence, and put your cursor there. Similar to Dataview, the plugin won’t render the code block while your cursor is in it.


thanks , I use the backtick `, struggling to find that on the keyboard , so I copy and paste :laughing:

Still struggling to get the plugins to get my Apple reminders, perhaps I need to wait a bit?

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