Copied is now Copied Touch

Copied moves to version 4.0 and adds touch to the name

Back from the dead


Not updated on MacOS. (Yet? Maybe someday?).

Updating 4.0 on iOS then forcing a re-synchronization on the Mac does not fix the annoying 3-copies-of-everything bug on macOS Copied.

An app that comes back from the dead after 2+ years with only minor changes, and not fixing the main bug, is maybe not yet trustworthy? Too bad. It was really good at one time.

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I hope that they get it worked out on the Mac. I used it more there than on my phone.

I still had the old version on my phone. Updating it deleted all of my lists.

Warning: the upgrade removed all my lists (including their contents!) on both my iPhone and my iPad!

On the other hand the upgrade did keep everything in thrash…

Update: Oh, some kind of sync/import is super slow. They are back now?


My lists came back yet I noticed my custom colors for lists were gone not only in the new version but my older 3.x version so backend changes must have affected it.

I’m certainly waiting for the Mac version. I noticed on MDM Deals that Copied Mac was a featured sales items at 40 percent off. I may be mistaken but wasn’t Copied Mac free with IAP?

I like this change if it’s new because there’s enough of a Copied user base to skip the whole “Free App 1-Star review” mess and gives him more incentive to keep it up.

I use Copied everyday and wanted to use it more but the slow updates prevented me from trying to integrate it into workflows more.

I’m hopping a nice shiny Mac parity app is working its way through approval

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Ok…finally. Copied shows up in Shortcuts. I can start building workflows with data. Drag and drop works as well from Safari to Copied on iPadOS


Hmm … everything I’ve copied on my Mac since updating the iOS is there, but my previous 1000 clippings aren’t.

Worse, my JS text formatters are all gone on iOS.

Happy to report I was mistaken about the text formatters - I had forgotten that the JS text formatters run a canformat function to see if they should appear in the context menu.

All the saved snippets and lists are still missing but they can be reconstructed from Alfred snippets.

I’ve got to check my iPad after update because it was slow to repopulate my lists and clippings. I didn’t use the formatters but I had always been planning to dig more into those features when I felt comfortable the product was dead. Please update this thread if your formatters and clippings all restore please it would be appreciated.

I used Copied for years, but was endlessly struggling with Sync. I moved to Paste (ten bucks a year), which has been working flawlessly, but I’ll be interested to see how Copied Touch works out.


Oh man, REALLY hoping this means an upgrade for macOS is coming soon. I have yet to find a suitable replacement for Copied…Pastebot is almost as abandoned (and slow), Paste is too simple, and I just don’t like the various solutions inside BTT, Alfred, and KM.

This is good news. Copied was my go to clipboard client.

I noticed that the Mac app was discounted recently by 50%.

Hopefully a new MAC version is coming.

Updated above :slight_smile:

If you haven’t, check out Copy’Em Paste. I started on Copied, moved to Paste but left it for the reason you did, and now love Copy’Em Paste. Lots of features, like sequential paste, and a really responsive developer.


I’m another Copied fan cautiously cheered by this news. I never found sync reliable, but I loved text transformations on iOS, and I was happy with Copied on the Mac until it just plain stopped working on Catalina. I’m using Paste now, because it’s bundled with Setapp, but I still miss Copied — I guess maybe because it was familiar, because Paste is really just as good and in some ways better on the Mac.

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FYI the developer released a syncable iOS app around two weeks ago. Really slick. Free, with a $6.99 unlock for Pro features and sync. I haven’t upgraded yet, but as a devoted user of the Mac app for years now, I intend to.


Hmmm Copied has been working fine for me on Catalina but I’ve only been on Catalina the past month or so.

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Today all my clippings are gone again!

There must be something seriously wrong with sync?

EDIT: And they eventually returned again…

I upgraded to Catalina about the same time you did.

Did you do anything with the Copied app after you upgraded to Catalina?

To be clear, I have never found sync to be at all reliable with Copied. And I’ve been using it for years. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 50/50 at best.

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Apparently I own Copy’em Paste from a while ago. Just reinstalled and will try this! Thanks for reminding me!