Copy And Paste Apps

Looking for any recommendations re copy and paste, preferably that will straddle iOS, iPadOS and MacOS.

What are people using? I’m a Copy ‘Em person on MacOS and have just installed their iOS/iPadOS app.

Should I be giving something else a whirl?

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Paste works cross-platform and works well, but it is a subscription (though relatively cheap) and updates seem to be rare these days (though I’m not sure what I’d add to it as it works just fine).


PastePal is a good alternative - similar cross platform tool to Paste, but without the subscription. I recently looked through the options and settled on PastePal and keyboard maestro’s clipboard manager.


I’m using Paste. But will try out PastePal because it has te same -or even more- functions as Paste and costs only one time the same as one year of Paste subscription.

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Another vote for PastePal, I moved to it from copy 'em.

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Copy 'Em on the Mac.

Yoink on iPhone and iPad. It’s the one app I’ve found that can collect pasteboard items in the background, like you can do easily on the Mac. It’s a bit clumsy due to iPhone/iPad limitations, but it works.

glad that you guys mentioned PastePal, I was not aware of this app until now. I also do not want to pay for subscription (too late to sign up for Setapp)

Also there is a similar discussion in this thread before

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Thanks for pointing out PastePal. I also think I will drop Paste this year, not so much because it’s a subscription, but because there hasn’t been much development done on Paste, apparently, as updates are extremely rare. It’s one of those cases where you wonder what exactly does the subscription cover if not the perpetual development.

Switched from Paste to Alfred’s Clipboard History feature as I wanted to simplify things a bit.


What’s wrong with Copy 'Em? It works fine for me. Yes it’s a subscription (if you want cross-platform syncing), but not too much per year.

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I’ve tried a few different ones over the years, currently I’m using Keyboard Maestro’s built in clipboard manager. PasteBot is my second choice, but I really don’t like running something extra when Keyboard Maestro is always running on every Mac.

I started using Paste 5 months ago, on the recommendation of a colleague. I can’t imagine life without it.

Another vote for Paste. I’m very thankful it’s part of SetApp so I don’t have to pay extra, but I think at this point I’d pay for it either way.

Is anybody in a position to compare Paste with Alfred’s Clipboard History feature? I’ve never used Paste but am a happy user of Alfred’s Clipboard History and Snippets features.

This is pretty much how I describe paste. Not quite abandoned but less than 3 updates in a year. However its VERY stable and works great cross platform

Its funny I am a KM power user but have never used its clipboard manager because I was already using Alfred than paste. I should take a look at KM Clipboard manager but I do love paste.

I switched from Keyboard Maestro Clipboard manager to Alfred Clipboard history for the more beautiful interface and better display of what I’m about to paste.