Could Yahoo possibly be the perfect search engine for photographers?

As a photographer myself, I’m going to be doing a little experiment and changing my default search engine to Yahoo for a few days. I’m going to see how bad/good it actually is. I will report back to this topic when the experiment is done. Part of me is glad that I came across this link.

Please wish me luck… :sweat_smile:

Now that’s a name from a previous version of the V Internet!

Interesting find! Keep us updated!

It’s funny that they start off a post about Yahoo being a better search engine for anyone by stating that the search results aren’t as good as Google.

I believe they thought that photographers might appreciate the continuously changing background image over the slightly inferior search results. I don’t think they necessarily said that it is “a better search engine for anyone” or for people who just don’t like Yahoo altogether.

The search results are actually fine so far. Then again, I have had very little issues with Bing and other search engines that are powered by it.

Speaking of Yahoo…

The title asks that question.

Who even uses search engine home pages any more? I haven’t logged into my Yahoo account since they sold Flickr and before that, only when I had to. It looks about like I remember, which is not good. It takes two clicks to get to the search page(I guess that you could bookmark it) and each page that you click through has a search bar at the top. Having a random, usually pixelated image in the background doesn’t make it any better for me.

Just as an aside - maybe you’re already aware - but Flickr now belongs to SmugMug and thank goodness, one of the first things they did was get rid of that Yahoo login. I’m still using Flickr and even though it’s kind of stagnating, it works well.

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Some people found it useful, but most people didn’t.

I still have a Flickr account, but I don’t visit that often and kind of forget that it’s there. I had to open up 1Password to check my login and see that I have changed it.

But the search results are exactly as good as Bing :grinning:. I occasionally check out the yahoo finance page but I haven’t used its search or mail in 15 years or so.

Being hacked multiple times and having 3 billion user accounts compromised kind of makes me think it has problems.

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Speaking of Yahoo Finance… :smile:

To be fair, Bing certainly isn’t as bad as it used to be. It’s on par with Google nowadays (especially in terms of features and looks). The adoption rate of Bing has increased alongside the adoption rate of the new Microsoft Edge.

As in all Yahoo users…

2016 was one heck of a year in regards to data breaches…

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No, Microsoft continues to improve it.

Actually, I was trying to be funny with my snarky comment. For those that may not know, Bing has powered Yahoo search for the last 10 - 12 years.

The “search engine” I need as a photographer is searching in my own library.

Old fashioned, eh? :smile:

So, how does this help me to find a photo in my library? It’s an issue for many photographers.

I wasn’t trying to answer your question.

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