Counter app for Apple Watch - random question

Does anyone know of a decent counter app for the Apple watch? Something to count things, like glasses of water per day. But I’m specifically looking for an app that has a complication for the watch face. I have downloaded a few, like Tally by the great Greg Pierce, but it doesn’t have a complication, so I can’t see where I am on the face of my watch.

I know this is random, but I thought I’d take a shot here!

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For water I use WaterMinder which has a complication (a water droplet with a ring to complete).

Wow! I was using tracking water as an example. Who knew there would be an actual app dedicated to it??? Now i have to buy it and check it out, although I’ll still be keeping my eye out for other, more generic counters.


Maybe HealthFace?

Maybe you could use Streaks by Crunchy Bagel? It has a watch app and you can add whatever you want to keep count of, but it’s more of a to-do app.

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Oh there’s more than just one water app.

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Thanks everyone for their help. Of all the ideas, Erik’s suggestion of Streaks is actually working out the best. Thank you!