Craft 50% discount

Craft are offering 50% off subscriptions to celebrate their 2nd birthday. Details on the website


I wonder why this thread isn’t getting traction. It’s an amazing deal; they’re offering 50% off for as long as you’re subscribed.

I upgraded to the Business plan.


Do you have to pay per user for the Business plan? For example, if I wanted to invite my partner to edit a document, do they need to be subscribed too? I never understood how their pricing for that plan works.

My guess, and it is only that, is that there is a minority on this forum using Craft. Its seems the interest in Craft dissipated after the initial enthusiasm.

I agree, it seems most MPU folks are using Obsidian now. Interestingly, I tried Obsidian for a month and recently moved everything into Craft. It’s improved a lot since I last used it – many of my early frustrations have been fixed! I’m actually surprised more people aren’t using it.

If you already have an active subscription, can you add on another year with this discount? I raised a support question and even as being a subscriber I did not hear back from the developer.

If you have a subscription on the App Store, cancel that one, subscribe at 50% off from the Web app, and mail them, and they’ll get the rest of the amount refunded.

That’s what I’ve gathered from their Twitter account and the Circle community.

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I know this part is confusing.

I’m working alone, but I’ll try to add people for testing and see how it goes.

If more family members also use Craft, it may make sense to stay with the app store and share the subscription through family sharing.

I’m using it mainly for sharing docs as links with clients. Proposals, reports, the scope of work, etc.

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I agree. Even though I’ve been using Apple Notes as my default app, I’m still tempted to use Craft for my professional notes. It does everything and more than Obsidian does with far less friction with far less fiddling. Craft does most of what Notes does and has features that Notes lacks.

I pessimistically assumed otherwise. I’m glad you said that!

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so, more like canceling the auto-renew? Since my sub is annual. This is such a great deal if 50% off when subscription is active.

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What’s the value of the business plan for you? Custom branding/domain?

Custom domain and branding are the only reasons for now, as my main use case is sending important docs to clients. I don’t need any other business features.

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I’m leaning towards Obsidian Publish as that’s my note system. Craft allows collaboration and commenting which is great. But I find high writing friction when using it.

But I find high writing friction when using it.

That’s it! That’s exactly what I find frustrating about craft. I’d never had the words to explain it until now. Thanks!

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