Craft adds integrated calendar feature

This looks sleek. Craft and Agenda are now quite overlapping… seems like two different UXes on the same app.

Been playing with it now for past half hour on iphone and it works as expected. I like that it has a little status circle at the top that fills in (like a pie chart) as you complete to dos. You can also create notes for each calendar event. I was already doing something like this on my own daily and just saving the notes to a “daily” folder, but it’s nice to have it fully integrated with the calendar. If you take notes for calendar events, you probably want to start the note with a link to the event’s project (if it is a project related event), so you can have it appended as a back link to that project’s note. For me, this was not a must have update, but like I said, it’s definitely nice.

So still playing around with it and I want to amend my earlier remarks to just say I think this will take a lot of the “friction” out of planning because I can add things to days organically instead of creating a note for a specific day and then possibly getting confused and creating a duplicate note for that day, etc.

Also want to say that I like how they do the calendar views. Simply swipe down for month view and swipe up for list view (with week at top). Press the calendar button at the bottom to take yourself back to today’s date. Much more intuitive than the stock apple calendar. I think this is definitely how I am going to view and plan my days from now on.

Please post when then change from JSON format to Markdown. I’ve had it with Obsidian mobile iPadOS.

What do you mean? You can already export to Markdown at the moment.
If you hope Craft to use Markdown files like Obsidian does, it’s likely never to happen. That’s not the app model.


Little disappointed to see that the calendar functionality is limited to the hosted version of Craft. I played around with the calendar view, and I prefer it over the daily note and calendar plugin in Obsidian. It’s too bad locally stored note users are missing out.

From their own website-

“Your Data on your disk can be accessed and modified without a Craft product - This is a bit more complicated. We will do the following actions in order to satisfy this:

• Right now our on-disk storage is based on a JSON file. It’s the first step, but this makes it error-prone / hard for you to directly open and modify. We are working on moving to a markdown-based version - (we’ll need to extend markdown to avoid feature loss) - meaning you should be able to open and easily edit with any text editor……”


Point taken, I had completely forgotten about that. Very cool.

Is the Calendar feature in Crafts only available to subscribers?

I installed the MacStore version to check it out. In the Calendar widget I gave permission to access my calendars, and I can see the permission registered in Security & Privacy system preferences, but Crafts lists no calendars.

Edit: Calendars showed up 30 minutes later. Go figure.

I have the Pro subscription so I don’t know. You may want to go to the Craft Slack channel and get a quick answer. So far, I like this integration. I’m with @thealbs about figuring out how to connect calendar “based notes” with project/people notes. I may use the linking function for this. Still experimenting …

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@thealbs I just found this discussion on the Craft Slack channel. I’ve never shared a Slack link so I hope this works! :slight_smile:

I like the calendar function and I am experimenting with the daily notes, but coming from Agenda, I feel like it needs tags. I want something where I can say “What days did I discuss Apple” so I can easily go back and see what I said.

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Per above, this Slack conversation may help. I’ve copied the reply URL but I’m not sure it takes you to the right conversation on Slack.

If that doesn’t work, search for this:

Levi Figueira
6:46 AM

Levi Figueira 6:46 AM

How can I link a daily note? I’ve using using #InterstitialJournaling since I started using Craft, so I already a “Daily Notes” folder and had a daily note. Now that I’m trying to move them to the “Calendar” notes, I can’t figure out how to reference those daily notes from other notes… Help?!

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@next Monday

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I had to quit Craft via the Activity Monitor and relaunch before I could see my calendars. Since I did that, all’s working as expected.


I am quite enjoying the calendar update. I had been considering trying Obsidian again just to do the daily note thing, again, but Craft’s take seems to be working for me.

I still feel clumsy navigating in Craft though. I can’t effortlessly glide through it. I find myself trial and erroring a lot as I use it to see what works. I can’t put my finger on what it needs, but the UI doesn’t really click with me. For instance I wanted to move a note to a folder. Clicking and dragging didn’t work, it just opened the note in a new window.

I probably just need to use it more.

Give it more time. Craft does betray its Catalyst origins at times, but the UX is so good in critical areas (writing) that it’s worth bearing with. You’ll get used to it in no time. Do use quick open as much as you can (cmd-O on Mac, two finger tap on iOS).


Finding the different take on Agenda’s model interesting. I’d like to see Agenda allow a project to have the privileges of Craft’s daily note with its content visible in the sidebar. I also like how Craft folds the attendance and invite information in the note and provides those jump-offs for emailing attendees and launching the video call.

In turn, Agenda’s calendar view seems more glanceable and keyboard navigable, the calendar notes are proper notes (I could only get an Agenda meeting note into a folder by converting it into a document; shouldn’t it already be a document?), and Craft doesn’t seem to have a way to easily view documents, calendar view and project/folder hierarchy at once. (Happy to be missing something.)

Agenda is also a bit cheaper and of course has its friendlier license for those whose renewals lapse.

Looking forward to seeing how the situation develops.

I’ve noticed some differences between Mac and iPad OS, too. Unless I’m missing something, it’s not possible to move a page from one document to another on a Mac. When I right-clicked for the context menu to try, I could only move it to a new document, which seems odd.

On an iPad it’s easy. Just open two instances of Craft in split view, and drag it over.