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The zipper just died on my 10 year old Incase laptop bag. I want to source getting it fixed though I wanted to ask if I end up replacing it what are some good recommendations. I need somthing that can fit an Apple MBP and charging cables plus some standard sized folders and a note or two. For the most part I liked the incase though the mix of internal netting and closed pockets were a little haphazard. Any thoughts? I appreciate an input greatly. (Also, if this is too off topic let me and I can delete).

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Not off topic in my view, not at all!

May I be the first to recommend Tom Bihn. Good man, good designer. I’ve been carrying TB bags since 2008 and still sing their praises.

My guess is the Cadet’s most like what you’re trying to replace.


I second Tom Bihn.
Buy quality, cry once


I have been very happy with this bag, which I bought in September 2016.

I don’t carry it every day — I work from a home office — but I travel frequently on business and when I do, this bag is hanging from my shoulder as I go from one meeting to the next. It’s quite comfortable and holds everything I need in a reasonably accessible fashion.

We went on African safaris for a month in June and as I was packing the night before we left I discovered to my horror that the daybag I’d selected was unsuitable. I looked at the Timbuk2 bag and said to myself, “Why not?” So my computer bag ended up serving as my safari bag too — and it worked great.

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I’ll second the Timbuk2 recommendation. I recently bought the Classic Messenger in the small size when it was on sale. It’s great for the 13” MacBook Pro + 11” iPad Pro, a few folders, glasses, cable bags, etc.


If you are willing to spend the money Hard Graft make beautiful bags.

I also love my Bellroy backpack

I personally have both of these and love them.


I have had 3 bags from SFBags and have been extremely pleased with them. They have a lot of options available and their support is excellent for pre-sales questions, etc.


I’d have to agree with the recommendations for Waterfield (SF) bags and Tom Bihn. The quality is excellent.


Another brand I’d suggest considering is STM Bags. They offer a wide range of styles at reasonable prices and I’ve found them to be practical and durable, with great device protection.

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I have traveled extensively with my Waterfield bags (Bolt Backpack, and Air Porter). They are well designed, very durable, and attractive.


Tom Bihn certainly makes a good bag but I find their style a bit boring.
I’ve been eyeing the Nomatic back pac since they appear To have ironed out the zipper bugs. Anybody have any experience with it?
I was also looking at this manufacturer: https://missionworkshop.com/collections/backpacks
A tad expensive…

Many of the brands mentioned here are expensive, yes. Maybe self-justification – but in the long run I believe I’ve saved. Before I went Waterfield, I had worn through a couple of Timbuktu and another brand, just from sheer use and the stress travel puts on a bag.


I’ve been using Waterfield (SFBags) for years. Their stuff outlives the computers they carry. I just got the Bolt briefcase and have had a Muzetto for years.

Currently I am using the Everki Flight backpack and love it

It has three sections, a laptop section with lots of padding, fits two 15” MacBook pros, so it should fit whatever, opens up flat so that you don’t have to remove the laptop to scan it at the airport.

The middle compartment has a tablet slot and is great for holding cables, and the front pocket has lots of slots.

This bag is built tough, after over a year of solid abuse mine is showing no obvious ware issues, I have massively overfilled the bag and it just handles in.

I was originally recommended the Everki studio slim by a friend who has one it it may fit your needs better, I can’t personally speak for using the bag, but my friend is very happy with his. Unlike me he has had his for a few years (I think 4 but don’t quote me) and again it’s held up amazingly

So I’ve spent the better part of tonight reading bag reviews and stumbled upon Mr Sparky’s reviews of Waterfield. If it has the MacSparky seal of approval then that’s good enough for me!
Now I’m deliberating between the Bolt backpack And the Executive pro.
The bolt strikes me as having better organization but is smaller than the Exec that looks really nice.
Anybody have any experiences to share
@MacSparky- you have both, which would you recommend to a sales exec selling tech to fashion and apparel companies?

I am a big fan of Waterfield (current have the Bolt briefcase) and Tom Bihn (Synapse backpack).

I just got, however, the FIlson Dryden briefcase which I can recommend and a nice much more minimal bag for everyday use. It does not have the compartment layout of either the Bolt or the Synapse, but for carrying a MBP/MBAir plus iPad (both the laptop compartment), some papers or files or small books, and a bunch of odds and ends, I think it will work out quite well.

Recently on sale ebags which is where I got if last week for a good price.

@DannyR: Can’t argue with the idea of the Bolt backpack. I’ve been looking at it for a while, and one day I suspect I will wind up ordering one.

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I have both the Executive backpack from SFBags and the Empire Builder from Tom Bihn and I love them both.

I travel a lot and sometimes I just need a larger backpack and the SFBags fits the bill and when I need to carry multiple laptops the Empire Builder is perfect.

Both are extremely well made. The SFBags definitely looks more sophisticated and the Tom Bihn does the job well but looks more practical.

I also use a gear bag from SFBags. Love that for my cables and chargers. Even holds my boss headphones.

Pro tip: When you buy a laptop bag start looking for your next one. Finding a good one that isn’t identical to your current one is very difficult.

Or maybe I’m just picky.

(I’m using a Thule bag, bought in Istanbul Ataturk Airport a couple of yers ago, after a long search.)

I am a leather guy. Leather bags look great and if you care for them, they can last decades. My next new bag:

Ohh man one of my favorite topics because I love bags :slight_smile:

The messenger bag I use and love is the Peak Design Everyday Messenger: Looks like they redesigned it, this is V1, the one I have.

I use 2 backpacks:

  • The eBags Slim Professional: I’ll bring this around if I know I’ll be out an about for a day and need a bunch of things
  • The Nomatic Backpack: I’m including this pretty much just for completeness since I don’t think it’s a good laptop bag. But it’s in my regular rotation, especially for short (2-4 day) trips, or if I’m going to a conference.

I see Timbuk2 and Tom Bihn Recommended a lot too. Both are fantastic, great quality. I actually got the Timbuk2 diaper bag and it’s great.

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