Day one iOS upgrade

One element of the announcements today puts me in a bit of a pickle. iOS 12 releases on September 17th. I’m leaving on an eleven day trip on the 19th. Dare I upgrade to the new OS right before I leave (on a trip where I’m not planning to bring a Mac, so if my phone or iPad gets totally thrashed my recovery options will be limited).

It seems like I’d be playing with fire. On the other hand, everyone says the iOS 12 betas have been really stable…


If I were in your position, I’d be updating.

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The betas have been stable for me.
Nothing says you have to update both, you could leave your phone (perhaps more important) on 11, and upgrade the iPad.

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iOS 12 betas have been astonishingly stable. I’d recommend updating without a moments hesitation.

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I installed the beta on my iPad & iPhone the day before a 7 day trip. Both devices performed perfectly I have had less app crashes and issues than on iOS 11. The only slight issue was with the update available pop up constantly appearing when no update was available. Would definitely update.

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As a sometimes bit of a nervous nelly, is that a risk you are prepared to take. I would say it depends on where you are going, somewhere with nice fast internet sure! The middle of rural Africa, maybe not

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I’ve been running the beta and it’s exceptionally stable. I would be comfortable upgrading in your position.

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You could always enroll in the public beta today and update - this is the final release so it should be identical to the release on Monday. Then if something were to go wrong you could roll back before Monday.


Did Apple release the GM for the public as well?

(I downloaded it via my developer account; runs fine on both my iPhone X and iPad Pro so far)

I’ve been running the betas on my daily driver since the second or third version. It’s definitely stable enough if you update on Monday. Or, as suggested, you could get the developer beta and have a few extra days to tinker.

I’ve been using the public Beta for a couple of months without any major problems. Just installed the GM yesterday/ Allis fine - iPhone 8+