iOS 12 - How long will you wait to update?

I’m not planning to update my MBA to Mojave immediately after it’s released. However I couldn’t resist and have updated all my devices to iOS12.

How long will you wait?

  • Updated all my devices on day 1
  • Updated least vital devices on day 1
  • Will wait for a couple of days
  • It might take a while, I don’t care

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Installed the developer beta on day one on my primary iPhone, held out two days and then updated my iPads to match :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I installed Mojave as my primary OS 2 weeks ago.


Updated all devices once the GM was out…

I updated my older backup iPad first, checked all my critical workflows and then my main iPad.

The more worrisome thing I had to do was upgrade our production tooling to build for iOS 12 which was a touch more worrisome because we don’t have a backup environment for another few weeks.

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I had a little angst about this since I’m traveling on an 11-day trip starting tomorrow. Given some encouragement by my fellow MPU listeners about how stable the betas have been, I decided to update everything on day one to give myself as long as possible to resolve any issues before I leave on my trip.

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I’ll update my iPad in a week or so and only after I run it for a while will I update my phone.

I waited about 3 minutes after it became available.

For Macs I typically wait several months, until version xx.3 becomes available. But I’m thinking about upgrading sooner these days, especially given Apple’s recent, massive open betas that seem to catch major problems.

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I’m kind of thining about going the other way this year and waiting for at least x.1 given that some folks have been reporting the Mojave beta has not been nearly as stable as iOS 12.

I’ve been on iOS12 and Mojave since the first public betas of each. :sunglasses:

How about none of the above. I always wait 6 months for any OS upgrades and let others spend time ringing out bugs and app developers getting all their applications working.

This has saved me a lot of wasted time of issues that I have seen come up in the past.

Conversely I always update app programs updates as soon available after reading the release notes as they usually address bug fixes

I had the public beta installed… So I honestly didn’t even care about the iOS 12 release date. Heck, I completely forgot till I saw the prompt on my phone this morning. Installed it right away. I guess that kinda counts as a day 1 install? :stuck_out_tongue: (And there’s the time difference and what not)

I’d say you’d go with the last option :wink:

It does indeed :grinning: poll is for public release version

There was no option for “Update all my devices within a few minutes of iOS 12 showing up as an update”


I usually wait, however I got this one from day one, trust me, it will not have more bugs than iOS 11

Generally, I hold to stable releases and force myself away from beta versions of iOS. Once released I update on the release day when my iPhone senses a wifi connection.

I updated everything today. So far, my only clues that anything has changed are a) Overcast has a new look, and b) Siri is waaaaay worse. I hope it’s first-day-of-school jitters and not the new normal.

I usually wait a week for iOS devices. I usually do my iPad Air 2 first since it’s just a consumption machine. Then I’ll do my iPhone. I doubt it but there’s a chance I will not update to iOS 12 til I get my new iPhone Xr.

I think the only thing I’m truly excited about is Siri Shortcuts. I’m more excited to download podcasts to my watch.

I just tried going through MacStories ios12 review but it’s just so daunting.

Super stable release. Great work Apple. Love ios 12 and siri shortcuts.

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So I decided to update my iPad sooner. Nothing major is different but then I don’t use my iPad in the same way as a lot of people here. I still won’t convert my phone for a while yet.