DayOne General Dissatisfaction

I’ve been a DayOne user for nearly a year, I started using the app based on the frequent positive comments from @MacSparky. I’m the ideal user for this application. I journal on a daily basis. I do weekly reviews and eight week sabbaticals. I can afford to pay for a premium subscription and this is where the dissatisfaction creeps in.

I asked for help on 2 questions at the beginning of Jan. They still haven’t be answered. Instead I get a generic email telling me to read the FAQ. My questions are more sophisticated than the FAQ/Help file.

My daughter at university, needs for her own mental health to start journaling. She is a Mac/iPad/iPhone user. My wife is considering moving her journaling online. Both have seen my use of DayOne. Both are interested. So I looked and DayOne doesn’t support Apple’s family sharing. So to help my family journal would cost me 3x$C42. My MS Office subscription for 5 users costs about the same as that. In addition with MS Office when I ask a question, I get an unofficial answer quickly. Far faster than the official support for DayOne.

I assumed that when Automattic acquired DayOne it would only be a good thing. Now I’m unsure.

Does anyone know how to get DayOne Support to acknowledge the existence of users?


Whenever I hit a block in the road like this, I hit Twitter. Usually asking the question publicly lights a fire where they may not have been one. Warning though. In some cases they just tell you to contact support and that can be super frustrating. “I AM reaching out to you – right now, on social media!”.

I’ve deleted my twitter account. (Technically it’s deactivated). As the degree of hate and extremism has gone up, my willingness to lend a tiny amount of legitimacy to the platform has gone to zero. So I used to do exactly what you suggest and now I can’t.

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That’s the only reason I keep my account around — but, I hear you. It’s brutal out there.

I started with Obsidian’s daily note and moved away as my general search results got infected with Journaling. I open up with alot of emotional issues when I journal and I don’t want those dominating my notetaking search results.

This whole exercise is making me reflect on my own use of DayOne. The irony I’m hoping to get a human response from DayOne, yet if this keeps up maybe I will find a better solution.


What time frame are we talking about here? Asking because ‘hate impressions’ are way down over the last 90 days or so. Lots of ways to further filter things out as well…


Well I just used to yell at DayOne for help. However, this isn’t about filtering my feed. When I agree to use a platform, under the conditions that the current owner imposes - banning journalists and welcome extremists, then tacitly I’m saying I’m ok with that. Fundamentally, I’m not ok with that. So once I do get help from DayOne (or don’t), I will deactivate my account again. They require a one mth deactivation period. So my account will be gone by early March.


I thought we were going to keep our political opinions out of the forum?


And neither would I, if, in fact, that were happening. :man_shrugging:


As far as I can tell I’ve stated facts. The owner of twitter has banned a number of journalists. Mentions a just a few of people being invited back.

Use twitter if you want. I was asked by another user to justify my abandoning it.


So at least tell the whole story: why some journalists were banned (doxxing Elon Musk’s air transport), and mention some of the journalists that were banned in past years under the previous regime.


I asked me not go down this rabbit hole. Please return the favour.


Last time I looked, DayOne was free for one device, one journal. So could your family members get by with that?

Agenda is free for one device.

OneNote is available if you already have Office. I use it at work. I use Notes at home, although not really for journaling. I use electronic notes for anything I need to keep and search later.

I use some Apple Pencil notetaking - nowadays just in Notes but I have used several handwriting apps in the past. Perhaps that’s something to consider?

I also use actual pens and notebooks, which is MacSparky’s fault :-). Handwriting is part of learning.

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Have you tried using a separate vault for journalling in Obsidian?

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Is this for general journaling or was she asked by her doctor to keep track of her mental health being by keeping a journal?

If its the latter, I highly suggest looking at Grapefruit as it is more suitable for the task. I generally use it to track my anxiety and my highs and low. It help me examine what triggers me and helps me deal with it.

Its also included on Setapp.


I replaced Day One with Everlog journal recenty and am more than satisfied with it. Supports family sharing.

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I saw something from Automattic fairly recently (can’t find it to link to it) which semi-apologised that Day One had appeared to be stagnant, said that they’d had to spend a lot of time sorting out sync and security but that 2023 should see more developments to justify the subscription. It seems that quite a few people are questioning whether they are getting value. A good place to start would be better support.

I am coming up on 10 years of multiple journals in Day One but have never really loved it, at least not the way MacSparky does. I am at peace with subscriptions where there is an ongoing service involved (cloud storage and sync) but Day One is finely balanced for me and I keep questioning it. I like the ease with which I can journal and I like some of the features (e.g. the way it shows maps and manages media) and I like “on this day”.

I moved away from Day One to Diarly for about eighteen months. It’s much cheaper (and on Setapp and does family sharing) and did the job very well, including importing a vast set of journals from Day One with fairly minimal tidying up and the developer is super-responsive. It’s not as refined as Day One (it’s built on Markdown which makes things like image attachments and tagging clunky) which eventually became too much for me. When I decided to go back to Day One, its export made it very, very easy. Diarly might be worth looking at.

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Everlog is great and the developer was very responsive to my inquiries. I use some file attachments and videos in my entries though and they don’t support those yet. But once they do I’ll likely make the jump.

They have a Day One importer that works pretty well too in my limited testing.

You could also look at Journey It does has some intersting features such as coaches. I have never used it, an old collegue did and they loved it. It also has a web app.

I gave up on dayone along time ago. I have been happy with Diarly - I still use it after I left Settapp.


Mark – Sorry about not replying to this sooner. I do have a bit of an in over at Day One. I just emailed my contact and I hope that gets you some help. I still use the app daily. It’s kind of fun seeing things I wrote in Day One 10 years ago. Let me know whether or not they reach out to you.

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