“Default” Apple Watch Face and Why?

I’m curious, which watch face to you use as your “default” and why? I realize that a simple swipe changes the face but all of us have one that is primary or default. I have vascilated between the Siri and the Modular faces as the default.

What have you selected as the default and why?

I just got mine about a week ago, but I seem to use Utility the most. I like the classic face with my OmniFocus, Activity and CARROT⁵ Weather complications.


I predominantly use the Siri face, it’s good at showing me what I want to see and when. I use carrot and the activity rings as the complications, and have my OmniFocus added as a calendar which allows those tasks to show up when they are due (very useful).

Modular because you can have five complications. Top: Time, date. Middle:Activity Bottom row: Workouts, Timer, and Apple Weather. Series 0 Watch.


Also Modular because of the complications. Siri face doesn’t do 3rd party integration so doesn’t work for me.

I swap back and forth between the Siri face and modular.

Siri complication:

  • Drafts 5

I use the Siri face to show me the most relevant details for my day so they are front and center. I use this a lot during the week to show my appointments.

Modular complications:

  • Fantastical
  • Drafts 5
  • Steps App
  • OmniFocus
  • Activity (large complication)

Like others, I prefer being able to add multiple complications to my screen and modular offers the most. I can show the day and date with Fantastical, have quick access to tasks via OmniFocus and a fast way to capture ideas via Drafts 5. I like having Activity data shown in the large complication and use StepApp to show my step count throughout the day via a ‘ring’ just like the Activity app.

Color analog face because it gives my ADD brain a “picture” of time. Plus it has four complications.

Utility, with weather, activity, date and calendar complications.
I also have one even simpler Utility face with no digits, matching the seconds hand with my shirt, but I forget to put it on most of the days :slight_smile:

I use the Photos face with the Activity complication (long version) as my default. I love seeing photos of my nephews each time I check the time or my rings. I just flip over to a Utility face if I want info from the Fantastical, CARROT, or Dark Sky complications.


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I agree. It’s mine as well.

I float between Modular and Utility. It depends on what mood I am in and what I need to do. They each offer something different and I think what makes the Apple Watch great. It can change to meet your needs.

I use modular, except that sometimes I like to see something a little different. Right now I’m using the colorful new one that was rolled out for pride, I think. Activity rings are prominent. I’ll probably go back to modular at some point.

I go back and forth between Modular and Utility. Looking forward to the changes to the Siri watch face - I might end up changing with more 3rd party app integrations. I always have carrot weather and drafts as complications, and sometimes throw in fantastical or the workout app, depending on the day. I love the drafts one for a quick dictation note!

I like the modular watch face with:

  • Carrot UV index complication

  • large calendar area

  • temperature (but may change this to feels-like temperature with Carrot)

  • Activity rings

  • OmniFocus tasks for the day!


Utility because I’m an old guy and like the traditional watch face look. Looks like some watches I used to have.



The first picture is the Watch face I use most of the time. The second picture is the face I will swipe over to get to my Drafts complication to dictate a note and to the AnyList complication when I’m grocery shopping.

I keep it pretty simple. Modular with calendar, weather, activity, date and heart rate.

Since most of the time I just want the time, I use the Photos face set to an album of sketches culled from Bill Sienkiewicz’s twitter feed https://twitter.com/SienkiewiczArt. I’ll swipe over to one more suitable for darkness if wearing the watch to bed.

Same here but with date, audio, temperature, activity and heart rate


  • HeartWatch
  • HealthView (large modular)
  • Stopwatch
  • HealthView (small modular, because it can show a fourth and different value)
  • Training

This my go to Watch face, because I like to track my intra-day workout minutes. I often cycle from appointment to appointment. Keeping track on my energy expenditure and “unplanned exercise minutes” allows me to adjust my food intake to not fall into an energy hole the next day.

Also I’m following a lowcarb diet, that’s why I track what I eat with MyFitnessPal, which syncs to Apple Health and is the daily total carb-intake in grams is shown via the small HealthView complication.