Deliveries 9 is almost here

New Features of Deliveries 9

It’s going Subscription but existing users will not have to pay for up to 18 months. Honestly I don’t have a lot of deliveries coming now but I can foresee that in a year I’ll have deliveries almost daily. I will be the type of user that sees value in the sub.

I like the idea of an email forwarding service to add deliveries easily as well as drag and drop of emails to add deliveries.

Can’t wait.


I use this nearly every day, so I’m looking forward to being able to support the developers.


Same. I’ve been a long time Deliveries user and it’s always been good. Moving to subs likely means more of a front burner project which is ok to me.

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I really owe them a sub for the dozens of Amazon emails I’ve accidentally forwarded to

I think for me it’ll depend on the cost of the subscription. It’s strongly implied that it will be less than $10 per year (the idea of a year of subscription being cheaper than buying the two apps), so I feel like the amount will be pretty reasonable.

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I hope the subscriptions are affordable, like Parcel (€3,49/year):

Unfortunately I “need” both Apps, since each of them supports one major carrier in my country that the other one does not.

(Yes, I have mailed both of them and they have put it on their todo-list, but it’s on there for quite some time now…)


“Flexible pricing with subscriptions”

I only bought the app a few months ago, so I suppose I’ll get some time free. But still disappointed with the move to subscriptions.

What do you think?

First of all, I think that JuneCloud is doing a good job to try their best for a smooth transition: if you have bought the app, you will still be able to use it on all your devices, you will receive updates (without new features), you will be able to sync deliveries using iCloud and JuneCloud still appreciates your support. They try everything not to make their existing customers angry.

If you are an existing customer and if you want to use “new features added in the future” or if you want to use JuneCloud’s syncing instead of iCloud syncing, you are not forced to subscribe any time soon.

Any Deliveries customers who have purchased the app will receive a “free” complimentary subscription that will last from 90 days up to 18 months (starting from your date of original purchase) so that they can “witness” how the app works with a subscription without having to pay for the subscription during the period mentioned.

So… Am I happy about the next subscription? No. But… But as long as Apple is pushing developers to subscription models (disclaimer: this is a link to a post of mine in the iAWriter subscription topic) I can totally understand why they keep migrating to subscription models.

Will I subscribe? It depends on the pricing that has not been announced yet. I would not have any issues to support JuneCloud with a small amount of money every year, but I definitely will not spend significant amounts on a delivery tracking solution because the native carrier apps by DHL, Hermes (used quite often by Amazon and others in Germany), DPD (another German carrier) and UPS keep getting better - and they provide me with further options. What I like about Deliveries is the ease of use of getting deliveries into the app.

So, long story short: I like Deliveries and I have no issue to support its developers as long as the recurring amount of $s / €s is reasonable.

What I would prefer is a change of mind in Cupertino: choice is what is the best way to go. Let developers decide what they like best. Give them options for upgrades, trials, discounts and treat them the same publicity-wise, no matter if they use a subscription model or not. What I don’t like as of now is that developers are getting blamed for everything and anything. They suffer, their ratings get crushed and Apple is taking the back seat, while developers are getting hit and losing long-standing loyal customers.

I agree 100% this. Trials & upgrades would be great.

First of all, I think that JuneCloud is doing a good job to try their best for a smooth transition: if you have bought the app, you will still be able to use it on all your devices, you will receive updates (without new features)

Flexibits did the same with Fantastical, but just look at the backlash they got (also here).

I know. That is what I was alluding to: no matter what developers do, they will suffer. It really is a shame.

As long as the App Store does not offer feasible ways for paid updates, upgrades, trials, discounts, and fair publicity regardless of the business model and what not, developers will have a hard time “selling” their apps in the long run and in a sustainable way. Hence the ongoing trend to subscriptions.

As of right now, “my way or the highway” seems to be Apple’s theme regarding this topic. Unfortunately, there is no iOS on the highway… This will not end well. At least in Europe (I think that regulation is on the horizon). But I digress, we should concentrate on Deliveries, I guess. Sorry. :blush:

All previous buyers keep the same feature set, but new features (and using a cloud service which requires upkeep) will need a subscription. I think that’s the right way to change models and I’m okay with that.

I purchased Deliveries about 7 years ago and found it very useful. But as the various carriers improved their own apps I eventually stopped using it.

Today UPS, FedEx, and to a lesser extent USPS, do a good job of keeping me informed without any input from me. And Amazon will wear you out with updates. The same thing is happening with many of the airlines I use.

Businesses are catching up and it looks like apps will need to do more than notifications to survive.


Yep, when I saw this thread I wondered why people would pay money (especially paying forever for a subscription) when the parcel services, at least the ones I get shipments from, already do this if you just sign up for the service (it’s free on all!).


To clarify, not all existing users will get 18 months. Some will only get 90 days. I make good use of Deliveries and will very likely subscribe.

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This is what it boils down to for me. I love supporting developers… but the exchange for value is important, especially as more apps, podcasts, media, content providers move to subscriptions. I think the crazy Fantastical thread had more to do with value than subscriptions IMO. Even $5/month adds up quickly.


I doubt it would be monthly, I’m thinking more of a yearly sub.

As far as I can tell, I bought the Mac version of Deliveries in 2014. And I think I had the iOS app before that.

That’s 6 years without getting any income from me.

I won’t mind supporting them again when the time comes.


Fantastical should be a $8 Annual Subscription app. To warranty for 5 years for the typical upgrade price.

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Oh sorry I wasn’t guessing what the cost would be. I was commenting on relative value. We often isolate cost, but it’s cost + quality = value. One way to decide who to support or subscribe to is to consider the value you receive. I am happy to support Deliveries because I have a received a ton of value for a very small initial investment. Assuming the subscription cost is reasonable, I will gladly subscribe.