DEVONThink Gurus-Auto Open Text Editor?

Because the battery life is so good on the M1 MBP I’m using my iPad less for taking notes during meetings. As a result, I find myself defaulting to DEVONthink for adding all of my notes. As I noted in my finalized workflow, Craft has been my primary note taking app of choice because of its linking capabilities and the quality of its iOS/iPadOS application. Although v 3 of DTTG is better than the previous version, it is still not a great editor, thus my reliance on Craft or Drafts.

However, DT has excellent linking support and the editor is perfectly serviceable on the MBP. This will enable me to eliminate one more app in my workflow, which brings me to my question.

Is there a way after creating a new note in DT to have it automatically open up the editor window upon creation as shown in this screenshot? This will save one double-click. :slight_smile:

You can tie a script to a toolbar button, so when you click the button it creates a new document and opens it for editing.


love the workflow map

Thanks, I hope it is helpful to some. :slight_smile: