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Thanks guys! I had actually figured that method out, but I find it a bit slow especially if I’m quickly switching between tag combinations. Replacing some tags with a label and sort after label might work for me.

I dislike that in “Three panes view” selecting Tag:Blue and Tag:Red show files with either tag.While in “Tag view” selecting Tag:Blue and Tag:Red show files with BOTH tags.

This is where I am missing you. How are you selecting those tags from 3-PaneV?

In 3-PaneV, if you look right at the top of the ‘second’ column (of your ‘active’ DB), do you see the ‘Tags’ icon under your DB’s Inbox?
If you click on that disclosure triangle, you should see all your tags in that group.
What happens when you CMD+select Tag:Blue and Tag:Red in there? Does it not only show you the files that have both of them?

This is how I select those tags in 3-PaneV:

As you can see, it shows files with either or both tags.

If I select the same tags in tag view:

It only shows the one file that has both tags. This is how I want it to be in both views, but for some reason it only works that way in tag view.

Also, it should be possible to include a group as well. I want to view stuff in that group with those two tags. Instead it shows everything in the selected group, everything with the tag “0-10” and everything with the tag “Tallinje”.


I may be wired wrong, but this is how I want it to work.

@Erlendks Thank you for clarifying. But unfortunately – it appears you are correct.

I was wrong in my earlier statement - the Tags pane does work differently to the 3PaneV. Since I hardly use the latter, I had given it a quick check without noticing the distinction.
When you popped up your pics - I went hunting over at the DTPO forums, since I remember reading something about the distinction before – as it turns out, I was asking some of the questions.

That post from 2013 confirms that the Tag-pane sees the multiple selection of tags only show files that have Tag:Blue AND Tag:Red, whereas the 3PaneV, for whatever reason, sees the behaviour as you are seeing it, in other words files with Tag:Blue and/or Tag:Red.

FWIG, the distinction is there to allow the variable outcome between the two.
Maybe pop up a query over at their forums, to check what the rationale is.

Thanks @BradG! I’ve always used the search bar in the toolbar and I didn’t know this other search was even available!21%20PM

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Ok, I see. Thanks!

Seems like a strange decision to me. At least that it’s not possible to also include a group in the tag view.

I did something nerdy today and I’m kinda proud of myself since I’ve never used either of these apps before. I prefer PDFs in DevonThink when possible. Of course, I don’t want all the ads and junk in my DevonThink, so I’ve gotten in the habit of launching reader view in Safari, selecting Print, and then “Save PDF to DevonThink.” I’m happy with the workflow, but I’m not happy with all the clicking around. Sooooo today, I made a button on my MacBook Pro TouchBar to do all that clicking for me!!!

First, in Automator, you will need the following. I couldn’t figure out how to do it any other way than “watch me do,” but it’s working. Here is where I select the option in the print dialogue box to print to devonthink. We’ll need this in the next step once we get to BTT.


In BTT, I did the following:


My Touch Bar currently looks like this. (The PDF to DevonThink is a Safari Specific button in Better Touch Tool):


Feel free to recreate/deconstruct/tell me how to improve this!


BradG, seriously cool. I didn’t know you could do this. I can think of a lot of uses for this. Many thanks.

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Don’t look elsewhere! Stick with DT. There’s nothing else as good.

Hmmm - did not know about the “Watch me do” option inside Automator!
Very interesting, something to look at in the future!

Happy workflowing – and watch, now that you’ve started, suddenly the possibilities to automate start cropping up everywhere!

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Which iOS note apps work best for this type of annotation? I liked Goodnotes, but I think it copies the DTTG pdf into its own system. I like the idea of automatically updating to DTTG.

Great suggestions about DTPO also! Thank you!

PDF Viewer works really well (and I believe it’s free). When I want something more robust, I use PDF Expert. Both work well with DevonThink.

I think there is a way in settings to set a hotkey combo to print PDF straight to DevonThink. That would simplify this workflow and speed it up. But then you wouldn’t know about “watch me do!”

I think there is a MacSparkyism, mapping the shortcut Cmd+P to print to pdf, so in an app, you press Cmd+P twice (first time to Print, second to Save to PDF), and it’s saved to a pdf. You could do the same with DT, Cmd+P to Print, Cmd+P to print to DEVONthink.

n.b. On my iPad, so some of the wording isn’t correct, but should be conceptually sound.

You read my mind! I was just reading @MacSparky’s post about this. It’s brilliant. I got it working just as he directed. I also added a Command D shortcut for saving the PDF to DevonThink. My workflow just got a lot simpler!!! Convert to Reader View Shift + Option + R then Command P then Command D … Now all with one button! Yay!


Can anyone think of a way to extracted the created date from web articles before adding them to DevonThink? My button to print PDF to DevonThink is just awesome. Now my only wish is that I wouldn’t have to go back through and manually change the date on every entry. For research purposes, the date is a big deal!

Any really good and up to date video tutorials on Devonthink?

You might want to post this over on the DEVONtechnologies Forums. There are quite a few academic users on that forum and I imagine they have run into the same issue and hopefully solved it.

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Ok, Josh. I’ll try that. Everytime I’ve tried to research something on their forums I get posts that are years old before the DTTG app was updated. I’ve kinda stopped trying at this point, but I’ll give it another shot!

I’ve found the search isn’t great on their forums (I currently have a search set in DEVONagent to search their forums, works great). Make sure you post it, usually if I post someone has found a solution or pointed me in the right direction.

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