Devonthink to go 3

Has anyone been able to download DTTG 3? Their website says its up . . .


It doesn’t appear to be officially announced yet since it’s not on the blog, forum, or Twitter. Seems like you found a page that isn’t official yet.

Hopefully that means it’s coming soon then.

Interesting side note, it doesn’t appear to be a subscription as everyone expected.

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Link to download goes to v2.7.9

good find!
at least I can assume from the wordings that they will not use subscription model for version 3…

Yup, I posted a question in their forum and theyve hidden it . . . .so not sure whats going on. If you search on duckduckgo – devonthink to go 3 — the link above is the second search discovery, strangely nowhere to be seen with google search


Anyone managed to snap a screenshot or something?

No, but from the screen shots they had posted, it looks identical to 2.

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well, as a good digital collector (I think there is a better moniker than this?), I have the copy in Raindrop and DT.

I think it is not my rights to re-share, so I will say that some of the new features may save me money from buying other app for that specific purpose.

What’s weird is that it sounded like they were not releasing around Christmas/New Year’s because they didn’t want to release it before staff went on holiday, and now we’re into February and it’s not released.

I wonder what’s going on.


Okay I just got a cached version from bing.

Version 3 offers a reduced price for the one-time purchase when it detects the presence of Version 2.7.8 or later on your device.

Huh. I wonder if they are going to offer a one-time price and a subscription. Will be interesting to see.

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Or maybe a one-time purchase only if you were an owner of a previous version?

Then from which price is the reduction coming from? I guess they’re either reverting back or offering mixed licenses.

I had asked to be included in the beta back in October and received a reply that they didn’t need any more beta testers because they were “close to release”

That was almost four months ago so I wonder if anything has held up the release

Not sure if this means anything:


They are clearly teasing

They have been teasing for months it seems like. Wish they would just get on with it.


My thoughts as well. They even created an instagram account for the tease….

I do like the Magic Keyboard skin, so it was well worth it. :grinning:

I have notifications for their blog feeds and tweets on email, RSS reader and twitter. This tweet triggers notifications that made my heart beat fast, opening DTTG hoping I’d see the promised popup for new version announcement.

None ¯_(ツ)_/¯