Did we over-criticize the butterfly keyboard?

The butterfly keyboard seems to be gone for good. Do you think it was over-criticized?

I’m curious about these “did we over criticize X” threads you start. Who are “we”? What does “over criticize mean”? If you’re thinking of some particular review, or perhaps a commentary thread here, it would be helpful to post that for context.


No, it wasn’t criticized enough!


I’m just piggybacking off of a trend on MacRumors.

I loved that keyboard in use (I was one of the few who thought it was the best keyboard to use, ever). But it failed on me. So, despite loving it, I’m very happy to see it gone and hope it never, ever comes back. I will never buy any other piece of hardware which has it.


Very mixed response…

I share the same sentiments with this person. I never had to deal with my butterfly keyboard breaking all of a sudden (and I have one of the first MacBooks to ever have the butterfly keyboard).

I think that would be difficult.

Responses will always be mixed, because for everybody that didn’t have the problem, it works fine. It’s the prevalence of people with the defect, the degree of defect when it occurs, and whether the defect is “finally addressable” that are the considerations.

Prevalence? Too common. Degree of defect? Laptop is unusable. Hundreds of dollars to repair. Finally addressed? Repaired laptops will likely need repair again for the same issue because the cause of failure is “usage in an environment other than a clean room (technical sense)” rather than defect-related…

That should never happen, IMHO.

It didn’t break, but my space bar got stuck. An Apple Genius managed to unstuck it and since then I have been using a very thin silicon cover which prevents any dust from getting in there. It’s not fun to type on and ugly as heck, but the keyboard has been reliable since. However, I should not have to treat my laptop keyboard as being made of hair-thin glass.


The butterfly keyboard design team would have been keel-hauled in other times. So, getting the “shit-storm” is appropriate for that piece of crap. The DMC DeLorean of keyboards.


I had the keyboard on my 2015 MacBook replaced 3 times.

No, I don’t think it was overly criticized for having a high failure rate.


I like(d) the keyboard for typing (yeah, I’m weird). On the other out of four, two failed.

Coincidentally, the latest repair of one is ready to be picked up this morning.

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It’s the worst keyboard out there :-1:

I didn’t think it was that bad but now I don’t think I’d ever go back.

LOL Oh its that where it comes from!

I loved the feel, loved the flatness, loved the balance, hated getting it repaired, hated using a silicone cover to avoid future repairs.
No, I don’t think I personally over-criticized it.

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I have the 2016 MacBook Escape and changed this keyboard (and battery and logic board) 3 times. The Apple Store warned me, “the next time the price of this will be on you.”

Did we criticize it enough? I think we should have gone all Office Space printer on it.


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Out of curiosity, was this because it was leaving warranty status? Or because they had some internal limit of # of times to fix it?

If you get your keyboard repaired to many times, they give you a new computer altogether (for free). If you get lucky (whether they are out of stock or something else happens), you could get a more recent computer.

Take care of your keyboard. Do not eat Doritos or Cheetos over it. :wink:

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That’s not what he’s saying though. He was told he’d have to pay, out of pocket, to fix it. And I’m guessing he’s not eating Doritos or Cheetos over it. :slight_smile:

Cookies? Lay’s? :stuck_out_tongue: