Digital Asset Management Recommendations

I’ve been using Pixave for asset management for about 5 years. Mostly to organize stock images. When I opened it this morning I found that I could not import some files. Then I noticed the Import menu is greyed out. So I went to the developer’s website only to find that it is gone. So it looks like I’m stranded with abandonware.

Does anyone have recommendations for a digital asset management app?

If you are looking for a dedicated Asset Management, I would take a look onto Canto.

Also Acdsee could be worth a look.

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I have been a very happy user of Eagle App ( for multiple years. It’s built in Electron and still very performant.


If I had an alternative towards an electron app, I would always go that way!

I like Neo Finder a lot - fast and capable, still maintained after many years. Comes with a good 30-day free trial to see if it fits your needs.


+1 For Eagle, I moved from Pixave a few months ago as the developer was unresponsive when I had an issue. I still really miss Ember from Realmac.

Eagle is very good. I’ve tried a few and it’s the one I like best.

Never would have guessed it was Electron, but there you go.

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I didn’t really need an asset manager; I’m just mesmerized with how gorgeous Eagle’s logo is. :heart_eyes:


agreed, I also covered Neofinder that I ended up buying on this post

I have a friend who is using Bynder. This is a pretty powerful application from what I have seen in the demonstrations. It is pretty versatile.