DIY Wooden iPad stand

I cut a dado in a piece of wood I liked at the same angle as the Analog and voilà.


You need to make a bunch of those and put them on Etsy. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s nice. Where do I order? :laughing:

Is that enough room to slide up from the bottom, middle?

Juuuuust barely :pinching_hand:

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Perfect distraction from writing! :clap::clap::clap:

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Make and sell enough of them and you wouldn’t have to write. :grin:

That’s not a dado. It’s a groove!

Interesting – what would you say was different about a dado and a groove?


A dado is cut across, or perpendicular to, the grain and is thus differentiated from a groove which is cut with, or parallel to the grain.


Learned something new! Thanks!

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I did the same thing years ago.
Then the iPad slimmed down and I never redid it!

For a modern iPad design, I might cut a notch in the middle to help with swiping.