Summer Office Setup

My vacation office in Bora Bora.




Maybe it will work for my wife here in Eastern PA. Thanks for the heads up. She gets bitten to pieces in the Summer, I do but don’t seem to have strong reactions. Just as well as much of what I do is among the wildflowers.

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sorry @beck It appears I am going to Bora Bora so cannot make it to your place… It was a difficult decision but the pictures uploaded by @charlene were very convincing lol


Is there any other kind :wink:

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Did you make the iPad Stand? If not can you link to it?

I did make it. The one in that picture was the prototype for this one.

Now you’re talking (with 20 words)

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You need a nice wallpaper for your MacBook so you will have something nice to look at :wink:

Challenging ergonomics, you may not be productive and that would be a shame with that view! :slight_smile:

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Would you ever consider a standing desk out there? I have one but barely use it in stand mode. Nice setup and view!!

I love the light in my office, and the air con as it gets like an oven where I live!


desk is so clean + love the view

Hey @beck just saw you’re in the NY times
nytimes article


This is so cool! (20 characters)

It is a very interesting approach, as a lot of companys spend a lot of money, to get more privacy and silence for their office-workers, after they placed them in large Open-plan offices.

Wow what a view! I would get distracted! Do you have a problem with glare on the screens?

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Incredible. I would not want to leave. That view of the water and the sky is stunning.


No, I didn’t. The cabana cover was just enough to keep the glare off. And there were 2 USB charging ports right there so it was perfect.

No, there is no glare as I do not have a window behind. The view can be pretty distracting, but I’m sure that does my eyes a lot of good as I often focus away from my screen.

I just received a Studio Display for the office and didn’t get the nano texture, and there is no noticeable glare on that either.

In case anyone is interested, this is my updated (finally complete) office setup:


@beck Lewis is adorable. Does he come up to the roof desk too, or is it too high for him?