Summer Office Setup

We have an odd sort of roof situation and it’s finally warm enough to be outside, so I set this temporary office up and I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna leave.


This is awesome… do you have some space, I am coming over :+1:


So am I @beck, put the coffee on! :joy:


Or some beer in the cooler …

See ya soon!


Whenever I can do it, working outside makes me so happy. Good on you for taking the time to really set it up right!

Roof party but we drink things and work on our computers!


Great place!
I just would be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to work there, cause I would always “dream” into the nature…

Beautiful. You always have the nicest work setups. :grinning:

That looks awesome! The number of rescued greyhounds I could keep there … :slight_smile:

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I tried to like the post twice and ended up removing one! I am sorry. I blame my inability to properly process forum inputs and remember what I already did.

trust me I LOVED your new outdoor office.

I love everything about this. It’s got a very solarpunk vibe to it.

What’s with the timer?

This is absolutely living the dream! Inspired to create a more light-filled work setup.

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I had to look up solarpunk, and you are not wrong. Also, I am pretty sure I married one.

That’s a time timer, I use it for pomodoros.


Not quite as open as @beck 's place, (too many mosquitos here!). But the reason I have no interest to return to a cubicle. :slight_smile:

And we’ve plenty of coffee and-or beer should anyone wander by. Plenty of room on the deck (we’ve a fan to blow away those pesky biters)!


Cool idea, who needs accessibility zoom when one has binoculars? :joy:


Helps with default mail size issue as well … :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t need to click on your profile to know you weren’t in the UK :joy::joy::joy: Having said that, we have had a couple of sunny days this week and I have been sneaking outside with my MBP to enjoy the sun (it’s gone again now and we’re back to cloud).

Nice setup. Around here the wind is obnoxious. Then the storms with hail tend to roll in in the afternoon. However, I vote coffee until 3:00 PM then we switch over to whiskey.


Somewhat of a tangent…is the fan what you have found to be best to enjoy time outside? My wife and I are moving (due to work transfer) back to an area with mosquitos…trying to find ways to enjoy our beautiful backyard space without getting eaten alive.

When all else fails try this. I used it working & sleeping outdoors in the tropics.

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