Do you blog? I want to read it

There’s a previous question about MPU blogs about Apple, but I’m wondering if there are folks here that blog about any old thing. Yesterday, in this thread, I realized @ryanjamurphy not only blogs, but blogs about information systems, which is something I study and teach. A great find!

Since I enjoy reading what folks write here, I imagine I’d enjoy reading your blogs as well. Frequent or occasional, techie or decidedly not… thanks!

Oh, and here’s mine, it’s a bit techie, a bit teach-y, a bit slow down and notice the world:


I’ve got two… one is science/astronomy/permaculture/photography with some politics thrown in. Goes way back to 2003ish I think.

The other is Apple tech and in the past two years heavily focused on iPad workflow. Not Apple news so much as how I’m using the iPad… I try to offer in-depth information on the things I write about. Not quite how-to articles but in that direction:

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Well, I blog about a lot of different things, including faith stuff and current events and news occasionally which some of you probably will disagree with. But I also blog fairly frequently about tech stuff too, which you all might find more interesting. It’s at

Just yesterday, I wrote about how I’m using Philips Hue motion sensors, Geektool, and Keyboard Maestro in a unique way.


How validating! I hesitated on linking to myself for five minutes before deciding to go for it. Hah! My site is actually wholly renewed, after spending the past two weeks switching from Squarespace to, which is amazing. More on that when I get the chance to write it up.

Beck, I’ve had a few pages of yours bookmarked for forever. Someday I’ll read all the stuff on Tinderbox and have a bunch of questions for you.

Thanks for starting this thread—I look forward to seeing what others are up to, too.

Late edit: forgot to say, I’m at, where I post and share thoughts on technology, changemaking, and working together.


Looking forward to all the new blogs I can add to my feed reader thanks to this thread! :slight_smile:

I’ve been blogging for about a decade, mostly on my site here (powered by the wonderful I write about technology, photography, gaming, and general digital lifestyle topics.

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Great to find new blogs, looking forward to reading. I’ve got mine here. I like to think I write about anything that comes to mind from tech I use, through productivity to movies and even the odd watch or two.

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Looks it! Thanks for letting us know about Blot, I hadn’t heard of it before.

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This is a great thread! I’m making a note of this and will browse everybody’s blogs when I have more time.

I just relaunched my blog, at a new URL: Best place to find the complete archives is probably

I’m not currently blogging, and my current site ( mostly houses re-posts from elsewhere.

But for nine years (2009-2018) I was a regular contributor to ProfHacker (a blog on teaching, tech, and productivity, housed at the Chronicle of Higher Education site). Our archives are still there, including the archives of my posts.

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I’m at I’m using my blog as a combination of where tweet link thoughts originate then syndicate to Twitter - plus occasional longer posts. Fun times, and I love having my own space.

It was your ProfHacker post that led me to Libby, which combined with my LA Public Library card, has opened up a lot of content. Thanks! Looking at the archive I realize I’ve read a lot of your posts over the years.


I’m glad something I wrote was helpful!

Also, I still use Libby all the time to access stuff from my public library. Right now I’m working my way through the Dragonriders of Pern series (I read the original trilogy and the Harper Hall trilogy back in junior high, but recently discovered that there’s a lot more to the series…).

What are you running tooterville on? Great blog name, btw.

Yep . . .

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Looking forward to saving all these blogs into my Feedly!! Keep them coming please!

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Hmmm… I think Inoreader has something called channels or something like that where I could create a bundle of MPU blogs and share it. I wonder if that would work on other platforms too. I need to look into this.

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I’ve got a personal website that goes back 22 years and I’ve recently started a blog related to my books (technical, electronics) at The website has pages about my Apple Mac experiences, but the discussions about Mac OSes are somewhat old.

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I’ve got a combo blog/micro blog at as well as a Blot blog at

This month I set myself a personal ‘blogvember’ challenge to write a post a day.

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Bryce has an awesome writing voice. Love reading your stuff, @bwintx

Flattery will… Well, never mind. Thank you, sir.