Do you use any antivirus software on your Mac?

I don’t have anything installed and I was just wondering if I should change that? If so what antivirus software would you recommend?

Malwarebytes - Mixed emotions. It found something on my computer when I first loaded it 1.5 years ago. I am cautious about what I click on and websites I visit, but it has not found anything else since.

If you pay for Malwarebytes I would go with CleanmymacX. It will do more then common malware. It will also help you keep your machine “clean” and removal for Apps plug-ins and browser extensions a breeze.

For a higher level of malware and virus detection I use Sophos. It finds things Malwarebytes doesnt.


I have bitdefender and malwarebytes.


So would you say it’s necessary these days to have some form of malware/antivirus protection? I know in previous years I’ve been told that It’s not needed for macs.

I use Bitdefender without any issues. It is consistently considered as one of the best antivirus SW around.

I recommended the same for a long time. Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Part of my income is removing malware. Some of it is so bad that “nuke&pave” is the only solution :pleading_face:

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I used Sophos on all our Windows PCs and a handful of Macs for several years. (i.e those Mac users with a history of risky behavior). It was a good product that was well-behaved.

But now that phishing is responsible for the vast majority of attacks I wonder if any AV can help if a user isn’t aware of the risks and exercises good sense.

You are correct the user is the weakest link. However having a protection in place even if it’s just the free version to help you get out of yail when the web browser has rendered useless bacause of malware it will be very helpful to have Malwarebytes in place to help cure 80% of the bad stuff that is out there.

As for Phishing attacks a good email hosts and using Open DNS will help curb most attacks.

CleanMyMacX - is the best!!!


I manually run the free version of Malwarebytes, and use free utilities from Objective-See.

We’ve had several long discussions about this, so check the Search box. One good thread is here:

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I have a license for Malwarebytes but turned off “real time scanning” because it occasionally spiked my CPU.

I do use several of the free Objective-See apps, and support them via Patreon.

I have Malware Bytes around but don’t use real time scanning, I run a scan every month or so. Until recently I ran my ID as a regular user, not admin, for some additional protection (and annoyance). I just got a new Mac with Catalina and switched to an admin level ID since it seems to have more protections…

I do have the NoScript plugin in Firefox and disable all scripts if I’m surfing unknown sites, although this breaks most websites these days.

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Got Malwarebytes with my Eero plus subscription. I don’t use real time scanning due to performance. Just make periodic scans. It’s never found anything. Too many AV programs require elevated privileges which introduces more security dangers.

I use Bitdefender and its Been great

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Malwarebytes is a total crap IMO, it’s good at removing keygens and other usefull stuff, but never-ever found a single actual threat. Sophos, also not that good experience. I might try Airo for a year tho, dunno why but I have a good feeling about it