Docking Station for a MacBook

Asking this question for my son who is a software engineer. He just changed teams in his company, and his new team works exclusively on the Mac requiring him to become a Mac guy! Anyway, he called today asking about docking stations for a 2019 MacBook Pro because he needs to run two monitors. Apparently the docing station he was using with is Lenovo is not working for the Mac. Any suggestions? I have never run two monitors so was not much help.

This thread was started earlier today:

I used the OWC dock in the other thread with the same machine. It worked very well with USB-C to HDMI for one monitor and a USB-C to USB-C for the other monitor. We tried a few other docks as well. One of them was a Lenovo dock meant for a Windows PC. I think we were able to get the dock to work with both monitors by installing the DisplayLink software. I eventually didn’t want to have to worry about updating the software, so, one monitor was plugged into the dock and the other was plugged directly into one of the other USB-C ports on the MacBook Pro. The dock was good for plugging in other devices as well