Does this make me a bad person? 😳

So I decided to count. I sent 49 email messages between 7 and 4 today, mostly to my senior team.

Does that make me a bad person? :thinking:

I thought it safer to ask you than my senior team members. :grin:

Now before some of you decide to use this as the opportune time to express what you’ve been thinking, :joy: just remember what one famous theologian said, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whether you’re a bad person depends on how the emails were structured.

If you sent an email on Topic A, then sent 10 more “by the way…” emails on Topic A that could have been summed up nicely in the first email if you’d taken 3 extra minutes to think things through, yes. You’re a horrible person. :smiley:

49 emails about 49 things that logically require their own emails? Or 10 initial emails plus 39 back-and-forth replies, clarifying things for your team? You’re fine. :slight_smile:

Either way, you are absolved for the moment. Go forth and sin no more. :wink:


Bad? No. But if they weren’t announcing bonus checks or additional paid holidays, it probably didn’t move you any higher on anyone’s Christmas list.


How many letters of resignation have you received?

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I’d rather get 10 emails, each on topic, than one email on 10 different things.


A couple of questions:

  • did each email NEED to be sent?
  • was email the BEST tool in each case?
  • was there another medium you could have used for all, any of the emails?


Or … ONLY 49??? Amateur! :joy:

If the work day doesn’t start at 7:00, did you use the send later feature to send them once the work day started? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Anyway, it sounds like it was mostly during work hours, so as long as each email really needed to be sent, I don’t see a problem. :sunglasses:

Now, if you were sending all 49 emails to the same person, and/or were sending them at 6:00 am, or in the evening, that’d be a different matter…


It simplifies getting the emails into my task manager, and makes future searching easier.

It depends on many factors. I would not worry about it.

Was it a product launch day
Was it a downtime for Production
Was it a situation that needed attention from multiple teams
Was there some legal communication

Was it just sending jokes. This can be fun sometimes too.

This is why I hate, hate, hate when somebody sends 6 emails in a super-short period of time about the same topic. It creates a lot of noise, which complicates future searching and means I’m potentially having to re-do the “thinking” part of getting it into whatever form I need it in.

I call that an easy day. That number is usually hit in my first hour at work. #notkidding :exploding_head:


I don’t think you are a bad person at ALL. I think you are a nice person being too hard on himself. Horrible people do not have consciences.

Just try and send less. Maybe wait and send them later might cut down on the number. In all things, try to do the best you can and don’t worry about it.

As said, it depends.

Where they requests for information or tasks to be done? Was some of it just information being passed along - a good way to keep people in the loop when they’re only peripherally involved. 49 emails beats 49 meetings.


I’d recommend at your next team meeting you discuss with team your question, your position, and seek input followed by discussion and decision.

Me, I don’t see anything wrong with asynchronous communication via email with my colleagues (and boss) But I have been in situations a few times where the colleagues didn’t feel the same. Had to work on it.

Not unless there were mostly “oh and here’s more info on topic A” when taking a bit more time to finish the message would have resulted in fewer overall. I much prefer to get 30 messages with a clear and single subject, especially if it’s information I will need for some project or things that will turn into tasks or projects for me to complete. It’s so much faster to handle them that way.

Look not at the absolute numbers but at the use and subjects to determine if they were necessary.

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Though far fewer than 49 face to face discussions is way more beneficial than a torrent of emails, in my experience.

I think many of us may be wondering this, so I’ll just go ahead and ask: in which app did you write the draft for those? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You just won the “lowest nr of emails in a workday” contest!
I read your post, and counted my sent items…

Total nr is 3 digits long.

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How big is your senior team? Two people? Fifty people? Seems relevant to our evaluation of your badness as a person. :wink:

2:49 PM: “I’ve got my :eyes: on you”

2:53 PM: “Don’t slack off”

2:54 PM: “Bill, can you check out this error about mail server being out of space?”